Health & Wellness Forum

Eat for Life: How The Power of Food Can Heal Your Body

Bell Works – 101 Crawfords Corner, Holmdel, NJ

2018 Conference Speakers

Alexis Glick

CEO GENYOUth Foundation

David Bouley

 Internationally Renowned Chef & Restaurateur, Bouley at Home


Susan Blum M.D., MPH

Founder & Director of BLUM Center for Health

Ron Finley

Artist, Designer, Gangsta Gardener, South Central LA

Joel Salatin

The Lunatic Farmer, Polyface Farms, VA

Clare Broderick

 LEED Sustainability Consultant, Greener, Cleaner Living


Dr. Oscar Coetzee

Ph.D, DCN, Clinical Director, Nutrition Department – Natural Healthcare Center

Reggie Flimlin

Co-founder – juice basin, New Jersey’s original organic cold-press company

Kristin Gould

Founder, Director Ohanala life

Dr. Veera Gupta

 Optimum Health Chiropractic


Jessica Israel, M.D.

Practicing Geriatrician at Monmouth Medical Center

Kimberly Kubicke

Ayurvedic Educator, Consultant and Health Coach

Phoebe Lapine

Gluten-Free Chef and Bestselling Author of The Wellness Project

Diane Larson

Home Horticulturist, Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Monmouth County

Julie Masters, DO, FACC

 Director of Noninvasive Cardiac Services at Monmouth Medical Center

Tom Matulewicz

Master Gardener, Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Monmouth County

Nadja Pinnavaia, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO, Euphebe Healthcare

Marcy Ragan

Chef, Owner of Relish Your Chef

 Wendy Bright Fallon and Debbie Peterson, Nourish Coaches

 Integrative Health and Nutrition Counselors


Evan S. Rubin, D.O.

Traditional Osteopathic Medicine

Kate Sherwood

Culinary Director of CPSI, Center for Science in the Public Interest & Executive Chef

Lisa Rachel Snyder

Jivamuki Yoga & MINDFRESH Meditation

Ron Weiss, M.D.

Executive Director of Ethos Health

Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine at Rutgers University Medical School

Christine Wong

Creative Director, Conscious Cooking


Join us on November 14th to learn more about how your nutrition choices impact your health and how food can be used to maximize health, reduce chronic disease risk, and increase energy and vitality. Gain insight into how your genetic background, microbiome composition, and other factors help inform your optimal nutrition choices.