Co-founder, juice basin Jersey’s original organic cold-press company

Former Director of New York University’s Sport & Fitness curriculum

Regine Flimlin

Co-founder, juice basin Jersey’s original organic cold-press company (basin bar llc.)



Regine Flimlin (nickname – Reggie) has been engaged in alternative lifestyle of health & sustainability (LOHAS) for over 25 years.

As the former Director of New York University’s Sport & Fitness curriculum, Reggie is also certified by Cornell University in HACCPA (hazardous analysis of critical control points of juice) as well, a nationally registered 500-hour yoga instructor. At juice basin she continues to develop new concepts in juice cleansing and raw foods, recently awarded the USPTO (United State Patent & Trademark) approval of Bridal Cleanse TM. She has traveled the globe (with the exception of the poles) and shares her knowledge educating others on the approach to sustaining a wellness lifestyle based on goals and personal limitations.

At juice basin, our continued focus is to marry USDA organic certified juice within urban communities. Saving the planet, its workers and bees one juice at a time motivates us to maintain our daily practice which is both physically and intellectually demanding due to national compliancy measures verified by the FDA & USDA organic certifiers while small batch manufacturing of over 2500 juices/week all hand pressed, hand mixed and hand bottled.

Committed to positive energy, we believe juice basin’s footprint should affect the community in positive growth, whether we equate that to job creation, wellness training for at risk populations or organic growing practices, it is a formidable mission for juice basin staff in all three locations: Jersey City, Montclair, and Asbury Park.

The public is increasingly aware of USDA organic certified alternatives and how they specifically fuel the body which makes us teachers to those just starting on the path of ”Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Hippocrates.

2017 Finalist of Innovation Excellence by the Asbury Park Press Small Business Innovator of the Year (one of three statewide finalist).
2017 Entrepreneur Pioneer Initiative, Rutgers University
2016 NJ Leading Women Entrepreneur by NJ Magazine
2016 SBA Enterprise program graduate

Married to Enrique Wegel, the Grand Jaffe and mother to Chanel Flores, global architect and Raphael Flores global deal maker.

Lives & Loves
Asbury Park, NJ

Travel, gardening, yoga

One of seven children, Reggie was raised in North Jersey. Following trends she has mastered a diverse business development employment history: Start Up Technologies, Sports Nutrition, Sports Management, University Administration and Arts.