Abracadabra: I create as I speak.

November 2021

By Matt Chavlovich, Keynote Speaker and Executive Coach


When it comes to creation, there are few things more powerful than the words we speak. Magicians have known this for years, yet the majority of the population fails to recognize the deep-rooted connection between our words and our reality. A magician will walk on stage, show you an empty hat, tell you what is going to come out of that hat, and with passion and pride declare, “abracadabra,” in which exactly what we were told would happen, does. 

Abracadabra means “I create as I speak,” and a magician’s entire reputation and career is based on their ability to create as they speak.  While most of us may not ever walk on stage pulling a rabbit out of a hat, we all “create as we speak” every single day.  And when we aren’t creating the type of life we want, language is the very first place we should look when exploring “why?” 

All too often the language we use everyday does not support our greatest desires. About five years ago Forbes published an article listing the top things people want more of in life.  That list includes happiness, freedom, peace, joy, balance, fulfillment and confidence.  The levels in which anyone experiences these feelings is directly related to how clear and committed they are to speaking in a manner that supports those desires.

If you want more happiness and joy, start by making a commitment to speaking as if you have an abundance of it. If you want more confidence, then stay away from danger words.  Words that when used, give away power, influence and impact the moment they leave your lips. Some of the most common danger words are just, should, and maybe. 

You can immediately feel the energetic shift when any of these words are removed from someone’s vocabulary.  When people let go of “just,” “should” and “maybe” their entire life changes because they start to create from a place of certainty, conviction and strength. They shift from “I just want to say…,” to “I want to say….”;  from “I should…” to “I want to…” and “I think…” to “I believe…”

The fact is, our minds are super computers built to solve problems, so when we speak, they will look for ways to make those words true.  Most people are masters of self-deprecating language and as a result feel pretty bad about themselves.  If that is possible then the opposite is as well. The next time you are asked “how are you?”  try answering powerfully, without sarcasm and use words like  “amazing,” or “incredible,” or “excited,” and observe your mind looking for ways to make that true.

Our language creates the energy and momentum that fuel our thoughts and actions.  Language creates a perception and context and when you create a new context, you create a new realm of possibility. This new possibility can change the direction of your life. It’s a created life.  It’s about time our language begins to support what we want most out of life.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” This playground adage is absolutely true; other people’s words can’t hurt us, but our own words can. Every word counts. Change your words and you will change your life.  




Matt Chavlovich runs a boutique coaching practice that focuses on helping women flourish, cultivate positive relationships, and forge their own wealth and success. Matt is a former professional athlete, Vice President, and 2x Ironman. He has spent more than 25 years studying and teaching principles of leadership and high-performance. Today he is a speaker, writer, coach, and advisor to some of the most innovative and inspiring women globally and many up-and-coming young leaders.