Do you often find yourself in stress-provoking scenarios with no way to control your negative emotions? The Emotional Freedom Technique, commonly known as EFT Tapping, or just “tapping,” is a free, easy-to-learn tool that requires no equipment and can be done anywhere. Tapping can bring awareness to emotions and thought processes. As a result, the body is calmed, and the negative reaction to the stressor is re-learned or rewired.
Many of you have probably noticed that practicing gratitude has become trendy. While gratitude can emerge spontaneously, we are seeing a recent push to cultivate or deliberately practice gratitude. We hear people say, “Count your blessings,” and we are seeing more and more people use affirmations and have gratitude journals. But does it work? And in what ways can it help? Let’s break this down!
From the time I had children old enough to sign them up for camps, or after school activities I felt like I was doing a tug of war or balancing act between what my kids were asking me to do/what I felt pressured to do, and what I know I need to do to help them have a balanced schedule… which includes downtime.