Many people feel like something is missing but don’t know why. We are all made up of mind, body, and spirit, but most of us are unaware of the spirit part of our nature, which is typically responsible for this feeling of being disconnected. Read on to find ways to cultivate and strengthen this spirit and build your sense of well-being.
Join WEforum in a community conversation with Elaine Taylor-Klaus, MCC, CPCC, the founder of, a virtual company providing resources to parents in more than 100 countries on six continents, and author of several books including The Essential Guide to Raising Complex Kids With ADHD, Anxiety, and More. This free event will be held Monday April 3rd at Forrestdale Middle School in the Multi-Purpose Auditorium, 60 Forrest Avenue, Rumson, NJ.
GIVING FEELS SO GOOD. Ever wonder why? As a student of Kabbalah I’ve come to understand that this feeling is really an awakening, a revealment of something we call Light. That Light exists within each and every one of us. When we give, or as Kabbalaists refer more to the word share, we activate our soul’s purpose - to be more in alignment with the Light. Allow me to share more.
A smile. A wave. An unsolicited favor. A short text message to ask “How are you? Do you need anything?” A care package at the front door. Individually each of these may seem small, even trivial. But to a person in need, they could be the difference between hope and despair, inspiration and desperation, even life and death.