Grilling season is typically a time of July 4 fireworks, baseball, and Hot Dogs. Still, this year many Americans feel that the eternal sense of American optimism that has kept us grounded and united as a people in this extraordinary democracy is diminishing.
"Our lives should have meaning, and that meaning is to help people suffer less and help them to touch the joys of life. When we have compassion in our hearts and we know that we are able to help a person suffer less, life begins to have more meaning. This is an important source of nourishment for us and can bring us a lot of joy. One individual is capable of helping many living beings." -- Thich Nhat Hanh, How To Eat
Sourcing locally has become one of the most important ingredients when creating bold and flavorful culinary dishes at some of the best restaurants in Monmouth County. Chef Brian of Piccola Italia feels the time and effort in connecting with local farmers and artisans is not simply a trend, but a key component of many restaurateurs who want to ensure fresh and tasty ingredients, support local businesses, and promote environmental sustainability.