In a society where we feel like we are constantly on a hamster wheel chasing after the next opportunity, working through the next challenge in our career, or finding our healthiest self it may be hard to know when or how to step off and find time to pause and rest. But the fear of rest can be one that keeps us going long after there is no more fuel to keep us moving, and can potentially be more detrimental to our health than we think.
I’m going to deconstruct the whole concept of “man up” Why? Not only do I find the term misogynistic, I think the concept can ultimately be damaging to the psyche of men.
When it comes to youth sports and even college and professional level sports, we often find that our athletes are training for an exponential amount of time in the weight room and on the field… but there is an element missing that could have a hugely positive impact on our growing and fully-grown athletes. That element? Yoga.