When it comes to youth sports and even college and professional level sports, we often find that our athletes are training for an exponential amount of time in the weight room and on the field… but there is an element missing that could have a hugely positive impact on our growing and fully-grown athletes. That element? Yoga.
As students deal with a multitude of changes within their school settings and personal lives, school systems now have the opportunity to help students build resilience and combat stress through mindfulness. Mindfulness tools such as meditation, breathwork, progressive relaxation, and yoga can help students develop techniques to learn how to self-regulate.
Life during a pandemic has been so mentally exhausting that I sometimes find it hard to move at all. Yet, when boredom sets in, as it often does, my nervous energy can barely be contained. To modulate these extreme fluctuations, I’ve had to find ways to recalibrate my yoga practice to focus more on regulating my energy levels.