Get your hands dirty! Through the collaboration of Mastro Montessori and WEforum, The Curious Gardener Summer Camp has been thriving for the past five years. The four week-long summer camp, open to first- through sixth-grade students, encourages a love of nature and gardening through hands-on activities. The Curious Gardener not only provides fun for the campers, it also teaches them to make smart food choices and how to garden on their own.
It’s the perfect season to go outside for an Awe Walk! Being in nature restores cognitive function as it reduces stress, and this is a golden opportunity to get exercise while learning about wildlife. It’s a unique and free opportunity to immerse ourselves in nature, while mindfully grasping the awe-inspiring world around us.
When I lived in Sicily, I went to the “supermercato” only once a month. I would stock up on dry goods to provide the foundation for delicious meals for weeks. Vegetables and fruit were obtained by frequent visits to the local vendors, or hand-picked from the gardens where I lived. These days, I go to the grocery store way more often, but I still maintain a pantry full of delicious and healthy ingredients that can be the building blocks of quick and easy, satisfying meals and tasty snacks.
Do you often find yourself in stress-provoking scenarios with no way to control your negative emotions? The Emotional Freedom Technique, commonly known as EFT Tapping, or just “tapping,” is a free, easy-to-learn tool that requires no equipment and can be done anywhere. Tapping can bring awareness to emotions and thought processes. As a result, the body is calmed, and the negative reaction to the stressor is re-learned or rewired.