Holiday Dinner Party: Coq Au Vin

December 2021

By By Chef Casey Pesce, Owner of d’jeet and Apple Street Kitchen


Is it really December again? We just finished with Thanksgiving and now the energy is revving up for yet another joyful time of year, full of love and social gatherings. The towns and cities are bustling with holiday cheer, trees are lit, stores decorated with tinsel and ornaments. If you love having family and friends over and are tired of the mini, fussy bite-sized foods, store bought appetizers and mint-flavored cocktails, do something different for the holidays. I love gathering around a table for some good conversation and a simple, home cooked meal. At the Pesce household, the family philosophy is that a traditional homemade meal brings everyone together. Even if the meal isn’t perfection, you can taste the love and effort that was given through every chop, pour, stir and laugh it took to create.


Recipes: Coq Au Vin and Pommes Puree



Established in 2008, with the help of their family, Casey and Jen Pesce renovated a quaint home over the bridge in Red Bank to open its doors as a breakfast and lunch spot that sat 12 people. After a very special year in business meeting the locals, hosting intimate tastings and parties, and feeding the community one-by-one, their 4 employees jumped on a flattering opportunity and headed to The Grove in Shrewsbury. They hit the ground running and continue to evolve and grow the business.

Apple Street Kitchen was established in August 2018. As former executive Chef at Apple Street’s previous landmark, Cafe Mumfords, it feels like home familiarizing himself around the 1-acre property equipped with a to-go market, several dining rooms, culinary classroom and oversized organic garden. Apple Street Kitchen takes pride in using seasonal & local ingredients for creative American cuisine. We serve breakfast and lunch Monday through Saturday and are closed on Sunday. We offer dine-in, take-out and delivery. Let Apple Street Kitchen cater any event, from a simple brunch, on/off-site party or full-service wedding. Event planning is on the horizon. If you’re looking for a unique night out, Apple Street also offers cooking classes as well! For more information visit