How Social Media Can Affect Your Mental Health

January 13, 2020 7:30 PM

Community Conversation:

How Social Media Can Affect Your Mental Health

Monday, January 13th 7:30PM @ Red Bank Regional High School

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Social Media: Living in the Vortex and What We All Can Do About it.

For the last 10 years, CEO Janice Taylor has studied the impact of social media on emotional and social development of people globally. As this “innovation” swept across the world, over 2.2 billion people logon to social media every day and check their phones 150 times per day. When describing the phenomenon, many point to “dopamine” as the root cause. In truth there are about 12 major debilitating and far more subtle factors that all happen simultaneously that grab humans today and keep them land locked in the vortex. For teens today, the impact is amplified to another level. This talk will explore those 12 major factors and describe real life solutions for parents, educators and administrators to navigate this new paradigm.

Who is Janice Taylor?

Janice Taylor is a tech pioneer, a social tech entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, author, online safety advocate, healing mentor, mother and advisor.

With over 10 years in tech startup culture and 20 years in the healing/recovery research practice, Janice Taylor has pioneered the collision of the real life and digital fields. Early in 2009, Janice witnessed the changes in real life communities and how we were raising our children. These dramatic changes led her on a journey to trace her early experiences on the streets as child conversing with addicts to witnessing the same darkness in the behaviours online. Immediately, she saw that Psychologically there were going to be devastating impacts in these newly formed “social media” spaces and that children and vulnerable populations would be the hardest hit. A decade later, Janice’s combination research with real life women struggling with addiction to the social media impacts have developed into 10 major theories (holistic and scientific) that have created a perfect storm of a digital vortex.

Janice pushed forward despite industry blow back and resistance in Silicon Valley to create a solution of her own. Using her extensive background in Psychology, Janice was able to identify the addictive features in traditional social media, she sculpted a solution to combat them based on values, love and purpose. A mother herself, Janice was able to create a platform that didn’t separate and segregate families online and instead inspired thoughtful conversation, bringing back heartfelt dinner table discussions. From the beginning, Janice was able to predict the present day issues with social media plastering the front page of newstands around the globe. From technology addiction and predatory behaviours to data privacy and mental health impacts on our youth, Janice speaks regularly on how there are few solutions to these issues and why an entire rebuild is the only option left.