Mission Statement

Learn more about WEforum and how we are impacting our community!

WEforum aims to strengthen the health and wellness of our local communities by educating individuals and empowering them to make informed decisions. We partner with community leaders, wellness professionals, educators and business organizations to promote a culture of healthy living. We foster awareness through community events, empower young people and adults alike through various programs, and raise funds to develop and support community programs and services that are free and accessible to all.

WEforum, a Women’s Education Forum, is a female-led organization comprised of women volunteers who share a passion for promoting health and wellness. WEforum focuses on educating and empowering the female demographic because women spend more dollars on health care and suffer higher rates of chronic illness than men. And, perhaps most importantly, they are generally the primary decision makers as it relates to health care for the entire family.  We aim to change the health care paradigm by concentrating on behavior modification.

WEforum developed 5 Pillars of Health: Eat, Move, Breathe, Sustain and Connect for Life. Together these pillars create a well-rounded platform of information to guide one towards a healthy life. Across these pillars are free programs that have been co-developed with local community leaders and educational institutions, that focus on a range of topics including health promotion of early detection and prevention activities to providing educational opportunities. The programs target specific community needs such as the ADHD support group, the Wise Up teen group, and curriculum for camps and lecture series. The dollars raised through our educational conferences and annual “Fit Crawl” event fund free, educational health and wellness programs, and services developed by Monmouth Medical Center (MMC), a RWJ/Barnabas Health affiliate and other community organizations.

In partnership with MMC and other community organizations who share our vision, we strive to enact positive changes in our collective community health care outcomes. WEforum is committed to spreading knowledge on how to live a happier, healthier and more balanced life.


When you educate a woman, she empowers her family, and together WE can evolve a community.

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