Partnership with STEAMpark


This fall, WEforum has partnered with STEAMpark, INC on an exciting educational health and wellness initiative for 3rd-8th grade female students from Keansburg and Neptune: STEMgirls Online!

This 8-week program offers virtual weekly workshops aimed at filling gaps of care and achievement in under-served communities by providing curriculum-based after-school enrichment programs steeped in the educational elements of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. WEforum is partnering with STEAMpark, INC to provide thoughtful and engaging videos to enrich their interactive virtual program, and emphasize the importance of health and wellness in our youth. Our videos have been focused on mental health, goal setting, affirmation, nutrition, yoga and dance.


WEforum is very excited to be a part of this program and to directly impact a vulnerable and impressionable generation of bright, young women. Be sure to visit the STEAMpark, INC website to find out more about what they do!