WE Stay Strong: Free Fitness, Health and Wellness Classes

May 2020

WE Stay Strong: Free Fitness, Health and Wellness Classes


Now that we’re forced to move our fitness routines outside of the gyms and studios, and into our homes, it can be hard to stay motivated and on track with our workouts. To help keep things interesting and avoid the monotony that comes with walking the dog around the block for the hundredth time, we’ve curated a list of free virtual workouts/classes offered by WEforum’s fabulously talented and generous Wellness Ambassadors. Whether you’re looking to burn and tone, increase flexibility or reduce stress and anxiety, you’ll find something to captivate you for the better part of an hour. So grab a mat, a water bottle, and a streaming device and get to it!

Quick tips to keep you inspired…

  • Create your own workout space, away from other distractions.
  • Join a class with a friend. Accountability will keep you motivated to show up.
  • Schedule your workouts in advance and stick to it. Set a reminder or an alarm.
  • Don’t have unrealistic expectations. Yes, many of us may have more time on our hands now that we’re forced to stay home, but that doesn’t mean you’ll want to wake up for that 6:30 session if you’re a night owl, or that you’ll be running a marathon by September if you’re a novice runner.
  • Keep it interesting. Stick to a routine, but choose a variety of classes.


Monmouth Beach Yoga & Wellness, Lisa Matthews
Monmouth Beach Yoga & Wellness is now offering over 30 stretch, yoga, meditation and fitness classes a week, virtually via Zoom. We also offer pre-recorded classes for those who can not make the live classes. Below please find a link to one of our pre-recorded classes. The description of the class & any necessary props will be available when you click the link. For any questions about the class, or about Monmouth Beach Yoga & Wellness and our services, please contact Lisa Matthews 973-452-2828
Click the link below and log into your Mind Body account: https://video.mindbody.io/studios/39935/videos/5e986efc8aaa5b0001dcd53b


Perspirology, Katy Fraggos
Join “Perspirology at Home” for seven days, Free! With hundreds of workouts to choose from, you will always have something new and fresh to keep you motivated during this difficult time. Sign up through the link below. Also, we are offering healthcare workers and those on the front lines free virtual zoom classes with us. Just email us at Perspirology@gmail.com and share your story. It’s the least we can do to support our … sweat therapy for those who deserve it the most! We look forward to sweating with you…at home.


Open Heart Yoga, Mary Ansell
Open Heart Yoga, a non-profit yoga studio in Red Bank, is sharing pre-recorded breathing exercises and audio meditation with our community partners, nonprofits like WEforum, with whom we collaborate. Below is a link to the online exercises we offer in our most recent newsletter. We also offer a free one-hour yoga flow on our YouTube channel, link included below. Open Heart Yoga gladly accepts donations through our website to provide the gift of yoga to those who do not have access to it through our website. Let us know how you liked your practice and to which of our community partners you would like to donate a class. ♡ Their names and websites are listed in our website under “Community Partners.” We will soon be adding more! Thank you for practicing with us. Namaste and Well wishes. Open Your Heart ❤️ Practice & Give⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
Note: Some video corrections ~ the first pose is to be held longer than 2 breaths…and Ardha Chandrasana, half-moon pose ~ your biceps frame your ears not your ribs!
YouTube link: https://youtu.be/BnE3flQ121M
Newsletter: https://conta.cc/3dJbPFN


Pilates Blast, Dani Rubin
Join the Pilates Blast crew for virtual mat-based classes inspired by the Pilates and Megaformer methods they know so well! These interactive classes allow for real-time cueing and support, all in the comfort of your own home. Our instructors will guide you as you mimic the engaging movement of the Megaformer and tap into the nurturing principles of Pilates. Pilates Blast proudly serves Monmouth County, NJ and more recently, through the gift of virtual teaching, the world. As a WEforum reader, your first virtual class is free! Book your class at www.pilatesblast.com and use code WEforumfree. Contact us at: info@pilatesblast.com. See you on the mat!


Arctic Fire Cryo & POE, Regan McCabe
Every Friday at 9:30am Arctic Fire Cryo & POE are offering a free Instagram Live workout. Our ’Heating Up At Home’ series offers a way for our clients and guests to raise their heart rate and get their sweat on virtually, as if they were coming in live for an infrared sauna session or an infrared workout class. The workout will stream on both Arctic Fire Cryo’s Instagram page @arcticfirecryo and POE’s IG page @poefairhaven, and will be accessible for 24 hours.


Ola.Life, Kristin Jyoti Gould
Ola.Life is currently offering one hour Monday Meditations for FREE! You’ll experience a potent mix of ancient teachings, scriptures, candle-gazing meditation, Tibetan bowls, and chanting, followed by a savasana that will help relax the central nervous system. http://www.ohanala.com Mondays 8:00 PM ET. Join via Zoom Meeting link; https://us04web.zoom.us/j/7379197020?pwd=TWpnY2d4Yy9ybkZZM0JzMnFHTHd0dz09 Meeting ID: 737 919 7020 Password: 108108


Model Form by Laura McGuire, Laura McGuire
Follow us on Instagram @modelform_by_laura_mcguire for full IG Live workouts every Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 7am. In addition to IG Live free workouts, health/wellness and beauty related videos are also available through YouTube channel MODELFORM by Laura McGuire. Hope to see you soon; as they say, the early bird catches the worm!


Soulshine Studios, Jennifer Borenius
Amplify life by feeling great with longevity! Go to www.soulshinestudios.com and follow @SoulShineStudioGirl on Periscope weekdays for free live videos: Yoga – 9:30 am Dance Party – 5pm & Mediations – 9pm.


Jersey Shore Wellness Studio, Jenna Romano
Free fitness for all! Jersey Shore Wellness Studio is offering full workouts on IGTV, plus various demo posts with instructions, so you can get the most out of your workouts. Also, access free virtual workouts Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 8:15 am via Zoom. We accept donations for the Zoom workouts, but there is no charge, creating no financial barrier between you and your wellness. To sign up, DM me on Instagram or Facebook, or shoot me an email jerseyshorewellness@yahoo.com. Special equipment-free complimentary class every Wednesday for essential personnel. Find us on Instagram @JerseyShoreWellnessStudio and Facebook @Jersey Shore Wellness.


MOVE by LB Kass, LB Kass
LB Kass is hosting LIVE classes on Instagram & Facebook four times a week, twice a day, plus video classes for adults and children on our YouTube page. Various options include dance-based workouts, non-dance strength classes and stretch classes. Dance-based workouts are easy to follow dance-cardio classes to an energetic playlist. These are open level classes that provide a well-rounded workout. Strength Cardio Abs are a 30 minute, total body workout; 45 seconds of exercise followed by 15 seconds of recovery. A complete workout in a short amount of time. Stretch classes include gentle stretching to an inspiring playlist, with a strong focus on breathing and flow of movement.
For detailed class descriptions offered through MOVE by LB Kass, visit www.movebylbkass.com
LIVE weekly schedule: Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday; 10AM Instagram @movebylbkass; 2PM Facebook Live @laurenbethkass
For YouTube classes anytime, visit my YouTube channel: LB Kass


Evolve Personal Fitness & Training, Kelly Mahoney
Evolve Personal Fitness & Training is offering a Workout Freebie that includes a 3-day at home workout program, plus a grocery list to help you pick up the best foods to power you through both your workouts and quarantine lifestyle. Click on the link to complete the form, and we’ll send you workouts that are pre-recorded and ready to use. https://kmahoney521.wixsite.com/workoutfreebie Find me on Instagram @coach_kelly_mahoney


NeuroCatalytic, Dr. Pam Wilson
I tell my patients that an injury or challenging situation is an opportunity to identify and correct an underlying weakness or vulnerability. Too often we dive into exercise and want to get strong and look better quickly. However, if your underlying core and trunk stabilizers are not engaging at a nervous system level, your efforts can be met with pain and injury. During this quarantine, I have chosen to focus my social media posts on the true meaning of “core” and how to get stable before getting strong. I began in March with the basics of stability and am now progressing to exercise. Please enjoy my free guide to exercise available on my Facebook page. Or you can find me at https://drpamwilson.com/, Instagram @drpamneurocatalytic, or LinkedIn.


Clementine Cycling Studio, Effie Drossman
Clementine Cycling in Fair Haven is moving ONLINE starting May 1st, 2020!
Offering anytime indoor cycling, and NEW fitness/lifestyle classes: Floor-Based Body Sculpt Classes, Core & More, MVMNT, Essential Oils, Nutrition, Health/Wellness. Gain access to our unlimited live stream classes daily and our on-demand library for $50/month. Sign up today at www.ClementineCycling.com. We are offering WEForum friends one free class pass. For more information contact effie@clementinecycling.com or text/call 732.784.7735