WEforum Fit Crawl is Back! Join the Fun for a GREAT Cause

December 2022

By Bridget Reipl, Founder of NJ Yoga Collective


Are you ready for an epic, experiential wellness event, hosted by fitness leaders throughout Monmouth County?

We sure hope so!

The WEforum Fit Crawl is BACK on February 4, 2023, live and in-person after a two-year break because of the COVID pandemic.

The event is an amazing way to discover new spots to sweat, sip green juices, and connect with like-minded fitness lovers, while supporting local entrepreneurs and, perhaps most importantly, taking charge of your health. Think of it like a “bar crawl” without all the hangover-inducing libations. Instead, you’ll be receiving motivation from the Jersey Shore’s best instructors, snagging free samples and swag, and meeting experts in the wellness world who absolutely cannot wait to share their knowledge and passion with you.

The Crawl begins at 12 PM when you check in for your first of three classes. From there, you will engage in whatever mood-lifting, heart-pumping, deep breathing, and/or muscle-toning activities you’ve chosen – remember, it’s up to three! – before linking up with all our amazing participants for a post-crawl soiree. Each class will be about 30 minutes, giving you ample time to make it to your next sweat spot. The workouts will wrap up by 3 PM – to get you to the party on time!

The goal of the WEforum Fit Crawl is to connect local residents with wellness businesses in Monmouth County to celebrate all of the incredible food, fitness, health, and beauty options available in our community. That being said, our ambassadors and event planners shared why this event is particularly important to them – and why you need to be there too in 2023!


I love the Crawl because it is a chance to check out different studios and switch things up on my mat. And, after the past few years, I’m thinking it’s even more important to try new things. My body is WAY too accustomed to the repetitive fitness stuff I had to focus on during the pandemic. This is the time to get out there, challenge myself, and kick my comfort zone to the curb. Who’s with me?!

— Bridget Riepl, Founder of the NJ Yoga Collective

I chose the Fit Crawl for The Atlantic Club Downtown to participate in because this is one day our fitness community comes together to share their passion, excitement, and belief in the power of exercise while raising money for a great cause!

— Laura Larkin, Group Exercise Manager at The Atlantic Club Downtown

The Fit Crawl is a great way to interact with like-minded people who love to move. The bonus is trying different workouts that you normally wouldn’t have!

— Alyssa Jaronko, Owner of URfit

All your friends are doing it (no, really, they are!). This incredible community comes together on FC day for fun you do NOT want to miss out on! We have participated in the Fit Crawl since its inception and the only downside for us has been that we don’t get to experience the crawl as a participant. We look forward to the FC and sharing its mission with our community.

— Elizabeth Kurau, Studio Manager at Pilates Blast

It’s a win-win! Open Heart Yoga is happy to assist others to strengthen themselves while strengthening this community.

— Mary Ansell, Owner of Open Heart Yoga

Beyond the exhale and sweat unfolds a Memorable Monmouth Moment. It is an escape from life’s routine pressures for self-betterment encapsulated by a supportive community celebrating with laughter and joy.

— Reggie Flimlin, Founder of Juice Basin

I love the Fit Crawl because of the great ENERGY we create! We bring together friends, families, colleagues, and community members to explore and experience all the great fitness studios and healthy food choices we have here in Monmouth County. I am proud to be connected to this amazing group of human beings amplifying the message of wellness in an event that is a catalyst for positive lifestyles!

— Jennifer Borenius, Founder of Soulshine Yoga

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Bridget grew up in North Jersey, made a pit-stop in Baltimore for college, headed back home for law school, and in 2009 found the place she will always call home: the Jersey Shore. As a yoga teacher with thousands of hours of experience, a community leader, former lawyer, and twin mom, Bridget is a true believer in the beauty of balance, on the mat and off. She reflects on what it means to practice yoga everywhere and anywhere (studio, food store, rolling car line – anywhere!) to build vibrant, creative, and inspired classes, with a dedicated focus on meeting each student exactly as they are, helping them to discover their own power, peace, and presence. A lover of movement, music that makes you feel all the things, and big poses that let you take even bigger breaths, Bridget will leave you feeling like every moment on the mat is something to be grateful for.