Yoga’s Place in Athletics: Where You Can Practice With Amazing Yoga Instructors

May 2022

By WEforum Editors



Synergy’s Hot 26 Practices at 7:45 AM and 9:15 AM in Little Silver

The original “hot yoga” sequence! This class is especially awesome for anyone recovering from, or seeking to prevent, an injury, as there is no weight bearing on the arms and shoulders.

Vinyasa with Evenflow Yoga’s Founder and Owner, Christian Valeriani at 9:30 AM in Fair Haven

A can’t miss for dedicated practitioners! Christian has taught over 15,000 hours of yoga, is a highly sought after workshop presenter, and directs a Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training Program at Evenflow. He remains a perpetual student and infuses his teaching with a rare balance of charisma and humility.


POE Hot Power Yoga with Jon Bagnato at 8:30 AM in Fair Haven

This is POE’s signature vinyasa flow – a slower, deeper class that works into the hips and heart with a fantastic balance of strength and flexibility.

The Flow at The Fort Athletic Club with Amanda Feinstein at 9:30 AM in Oceanport

Amanda Feinstein is an incredible teacher who believes that yoga should always leave you feeling confident and uplifted, which is why she encourages students to express themselves freely without judgment or expectation. This class is amazing for students of all levels. Bring a friend OR just make sure to introduce yourself to Amanda. We promise you’ll leave with a new yoga bestie if you do!


THE MVMNT with Siobhan Gallagher at POE in Fair Haven

This class isn’t exactly yoga, but you will feel an incredible mind-body connection while working up a gorgeous glow (sweat!). Bonus: it’s at 6 AM! Up early and getting it done.

Strength and Align with Julie Pare at Monmouth Beach Yoga and Wellness at 9:30 AM in Monmouth Beach

Want to feel empowered and energized? This is the Tuesday morning practice for you! Each class begins with a consistent set of exercises to strengthen the core and build great posture. From there, Julie guides her students through fundamental postures to stretch, lengthen, and tone the body.


Yoga Sweat Sesh with Danica at 9 AM at Hot and Soul Yoga in Colts Neck

Hot and Soul calls this very special class “Sweat Therapy”. An intense class combining HIIT intervals and dance cardio to raise your vibration and heart rate.

AntiGravity Aerial Yoga at PYOUR CORE with Sari Valentino at 12 PM in Little Silver

Test your yoga skills in the air as you hold yourself above the ground from a silk hammock. Antigravity yoga — more commonly known as aerial yoga — is a fun way to change up your practice. Whether you’ve never experienced it, or are an aerial yogi, this class is worth a visit!


Journey Into Power at The Fort Athletic Club with Shannon Harris at 7:30 AM in Oceanport

Forty-Five minutes of power and presence, coming at you! All five essential categories of asana are included in every class: standing poses, forward bends, backbends, twists and inversions. It’s one of the best ways to access vitality and whole body awareness.

Creating a Wave of Wellness Yoga at the Wave Resort + Bungalow Hotel with SoulShine Studios, Jennifer Borenius 8:30 AM in Long Branch in Pier Village

With this oceanfront rooftop location, you will spend sixty minutes working and connecting completely, while radiating entirely the best version of yourself. A class designed for all levels, we apply the SoulShine principle of foundational work, beginning with breath, then focusing on foundation and form. Working next we increase range of motion and finally add intensity, meant to challenge what is possible within YOU!

On the Beach Foundation Training with Lisa Walsh from Monmouth Beach Yoga and Wellness at 8:30 AM

Foundational training is awesome for anyone seeking to strengthen their posture and lengthen their body so that they can move – and live – well!

Flex, Band, and Tone with Erin Dube at PYOUR CORE in Little Silver at 9 AM

Challenge your stability, build core strength, and lengthen & tone your muscles in a completely new way!


Yoga Body Sculpt with Ginna at Hot and Soul Yoga in Colts Neck at 9 AM

This high energy 60 minute total body yoga session encourages the use of your own body weight and various props to tone and sculpt every muscle in your body. Bursts of cardiovascular movement, while in specific yoga postures, elevate the heart. Plus, you are in a 100 degree room – so be prepared to sweat!

Vinyasa with Vanessa Van Noy at Evenflow Yoga at 9:30 AM in Fair Haven

Vanessa Van Noy has been teaching in the NY metro area for nearly 20 years. She has worked with pro and collegiate athletes, people with physical limitations, and everyone in between. She specializes in creating practices that are fluid, functional and fun. She encourages humor, compassion, perseverance & perception, love and laughter.

Her training as a Certified Thai Yoga Massage Therapist allows her to be very hands on in her classes, using touch as a way to deepen a posture or just show a little love.

The Flow with Bridget Riepl at The Fort Athletic Club at 9:30 AM in Oceanport

Bridget’s signature yoga flow is designed for anyone who wants to sweat, stretch, twist, flow, balance, build, and experience a dynamic mind-body practice. You’ll breathe deeply, move with intention, and challenge yourself in new ways, while tapping into your own inner power. Students of all levels are welcome! Bridget will offer modifications and amplifications, so you can take exactly what you need from every moment on the mat.


Vinyasa Wave Flow with Lilly Thygeson at the Wave Resort + Bungalow Hotels 8:30 AM in Long Branch in Pier Village

In this session, we approach yoga moving from one pose directly into the next in a deliberately and intentionally designed sequence to maximize your potential. Founded in principles that encourage flow, Lilly will guide you through an awakening of body, mind and spirit for a sixty minute rooftop oceanfront experience.

Sweat, Strength, Stretch, and Savasana at The Fort Athletic Club at 10 AM with Jen Fiore in Oceanport

S4 is a spectacular mind-body practice that will give you everything you need in 60 minutes, from energetic, core-centric movement to a meditative savasana that will leave you feeling rested, recharged, and rejuvenated. Here’s what you can count on: 30 minutes of our Hot Zone signature flow, 20 minutes of our delicious deep stretch, and 10 minutes of guided relaxation.

Yin Yoga at 4 PM with Mary Jo Iarussi at Evenflow Yoga in Fair Haven

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga as exercise, incorporating principles of traditional Chinese medicine, with asanas (postures) that are held for longer periods of time than in other styles. Advanced practitioners may stay in one asana for five minutes or more.

Synergy Hot Power Yoga with Elenonora Zampatti at 4 PM at Synergy in Little Silver

Eleonora is our absolute favorite teacher for flexibility, mobility, and strength within a vinyasa practice. She will elevate your entire practice in challenging and interesting ways. Don’t miss this sweet Saturday sweat!


Photo Credit: KarinaUvarova