Committee Members

When you educate a woman,she empowers her family, and together WE can evolve a community.

Carolyn C. Desena

Director of Strategic Development
Amy McDonagh

Director of Programming
Abby Kelly

Director of Marketing and Social Media
Laura Oncea

Director of Internet Communications
Michele Donohue

Director of Finance and Operations
Kellie Fisher

Gail Van Winkle

Special Events Managers (MMC Foundation)
Evelyn Nitis
Kelly Boyer

Direct Marketing
Toni Kilkeary
Gail Tobias
Denise Higgins
Davina Feingold
Lisa Becker
Mary Pat Moriarty
Curran Scoble
Kathryn Bateman

Curran Scoble

Fit Crawl
Jen Egan
Davina Feingold
Toni Kilkeary
Laura Maguire
Siobhan Gallegher
Kathryn Bateman
Sharon Rude

Kellie Fisher
Emily Billington
Meghann Marturano
Sarah Nelson
Sarah McManus
Erinn Romanowski
Tammy Perconti
Marcy T. Ragan

Partnership Development
Krista Long
Amy McDonagh
Lauren Cesario

Wellness Ambassador Chairs
LB Kass
Katy Fraggos
Dani Rubin
Reggine Flimlin

Events Coordinator
Claire Lonegan
Stephanie Hoitt

Food Advocacy
Krista Long
Tammy Perconti

Community Programming
Amy McDonagh

Michele McGlyn

Mia Choate

Genine Esposito
Emily Billington

Spanish Translator
Betty Bedoya


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