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Ayurveda literally means “the science of life and longevity.” It is the oldest system of healing in the world. It must be doing something right to have weathered the test of over 5,000 years! Ayurveda is ancient wisdom with cutting edge perspective. It offers simple, safe and effective techniques to harness your body’s potential to be healthy, prevent disease and to recover from illness and imbalance when they do occur. The mission of Ayurveda is to ensure a long, healthy, happy and fulfilling life for all.

How does this science work its wonders? First through personalizing medicine. There are no one size fits all cures in Ayurveda. Each patient is seen as unique and therefore the approach to optimizing their health and wellness must be specifically tailored to their uniqueness.

Equally important is promoting self awareness on the part of the patient. When it comes down to it, no one can know your body any better than you. By discovering your body type (dosha), its strengths, weaknesses and your body’s particular warning signs you are empowered to take charge of your health. This understanding enables you to prevent illness by adopting a diet and lifestyle ideal for you and grants you the insight to learn your body’s cues for warning you of impending imbalances.

Next Ayurveda puts the one and only you in the context of nature and your surroundings to get a holistic perspective. This context includes everything from the weather to your work schedule to your relationships. The knowledge of Ayurveda is based on constant natural laws (like hot balances cold) and the idea that you are a reflection of the world around you and vice versa. If the climate you are in is hot and dry, you are going to be hot and dry. Similarly, if your energy is heavy and depressed, you are probably going to project that into your environment. This context is always somewhat in flux as life is dynamic. Finding balance isn’t a permanent state but something that you are constantly reacting and adapting to in order to maintain. What might be good for you in summer months, may not be ideal come fall.

Seems simple, right? The foundational aspects of Ayurveda gradually become as instinctual as putting on a sweater when you’re cold. The deeper aspects of the science provide more intricate means for addressing life long health management including recovering from disease and regenerating bodily strength through diet, lifestyle, herbs and hands on treatments.

Ayurveda offers a lens through which to see health. Its approach is simple, intuitive, safe and effective. Whether you are dealing with a chronic illness or simply want to remain healthy – Ayurveda can help! Its integrative approach provides useful, everyday tips on how to best keep balanced and thriving.

How do I know?


I first encountered Ayurveda in 2001 through a friend whose grandfather was an Ayurvedic doctor in India. I was living in the cold, wet climate of Vermont at the time and my lifelong chronic sinus issues had reached an all time high. When I’d get sick, my friend Sewa would call me up and ask me a ton of questions and then bring over these hot drinks for me which I called magic potions. I’d drink them, go to sleep and wake up feeling so much better. I asked him what was in them and told me he couldn’t just tell me the  ingredients – that it was a way of understanding called Ayurveda. With his guidance, I was able to adapt my diet and lifestyle to completely heal my lifelong chronic sinus issues using Ayurveda. I’ve never had a sinus infection since!


Ayurveda makes it easy to understand how what we eat, do, think, feel and expose ourselves to affects us. Empowered by this holistic perspective, we can uncover the root causes of imbalance and create a clear roadmap toward health and healing.