Women’s Health & Wellness Conference

Women’s Health & Wellness Conference

Coming Fall of 2017

Presenting Sponsor – $50,000

Associate Sponsors – $25,000

Supporting Sponsors – $15,000

Neil and Carolyn Desena


Patron Sponsors – $10,000

Abby and Kevin Kelly

Amy McDonagh

Friends Sponsors – $5000

Reconstructive OBGYN

Gold Sponsors – $2500

Advanced Facial Surgery
David and Krista Long
Genine Esposito Photography
Pat and Jennifer Scire
Ruth and George Harms and Family

Orange Sponsors – $1500

Cornerstone Futures, LLC
Erzo Foods

Red Sponsors – $1000

Deans Natural Market
Brett and Gerri Lawrence
Mark Brown
Nyrie Melconian
Rob and Kathryn Patton
Sackman Enterprises

Blue Sponsors – $500

Gary and Karen Puma
Maryann Baret
The Moriarty Family
The Tobias Family
Wright National Flood

Green Sponsors – $350

Debbie and David Memmott
Eastpointe Integrated Healthcare
New Jersey Natural Gas
Ronan, Tuzzio & Giannone
Specialty Surgical Associates
The Hayden Family
The Sullivan Family
The Swiss Family
The Toolan Family

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