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Eat for Life: How The Power of Food Can Heal Your Body

November 13th & 14th

Bell Works - 101 Crawfords Corner, Holmdel, NJ


Sponsorship Opportunities

The WEforum Health & Wellness Conference will attract hundreds of corporate and community leaders and we invite you to take part in this groundbreaking event. Your participation will be marketed throughout Monmouth Medical Center’s entire advertising network, including billboards, local publications, press releases, and most importantly, you will be highlighted to nearly a thousand women attending the conference.

Corporate Sponsorships 2018

Presenting Sponsor – $100,000

Executive Sponsor – $75,000

Principal Sponsor – $50,000

Associate Sponsor – $25,000

Supporting Sponsor – $15,000

Benefactor Sponsor – $10,000

Friend Sponsor – $5,000

Contributing Sponsorships 2018

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