Step Up

Advocates Changing Tomorrow
Sustain for Life

Treating our planet with care will have a positive and direct impact on our health.

Step Up: Advocates Changing Tomorrow (ACT Now) As we educate women who are empowering their families to be their best, and we evolve our community, we envision one that is healthy, thriving and sustainable.

To that end we need to act now. Step Up’s mission is to create a more sustainable community environment in which we all can flourish. By using our collective initiative, voices and actions to elicit positive change right here, our families can live better and more responsibly on this planet we call home.

Right now, single use plastic proliferation is putting our planet and our health on the brink of crisis. Step Up is taking on the challenge to take back our planet from plastic pollution via a Single Use Reduction Effort. In concert with WEforum’s 2018 Conference, Step Up is excited to roll out several initiatives to harness our community’s involvement: starting with a Plastic Pledge, activities to raise awareness, collaboration with WEforum’s Wise UP teen advocacy group and community organizations and businesses.

Join WEforum’s Step Up: Advocates Changing Tomorrow and learn how you can make positive and impactful changes in your community. Respect. Protect. Preserve.