Energy Healer, Founder and President REACTIVATION, LLC

WEforum Health and Wellness Conference 2016

ANDY LANGBERG – Energy Healer, Founder and President

Reactivation, LLC

Reactivation Energy Healing: A Whole New Way to Cause Health

Wednesday, April 20th 2:15-3:00 PM – Shrewsbury Room


Andy will explain and demonstrate how he can easily locate and correct energetic imbalances instantly to allow your body to heal itself quickly and naturally.
The human body has a very specific level of vibration and frequency for optimum health and wellness. Unfortunately, the daily stresses of life and our reactions to them can force us out of our normal ranges making us out of sync. This dysfunction can lead to fatigue, pain, sickness, and disease. Reactivation is a new means to resolve these issues and get your body, mind and spirit performing at their optimum levels.

*No nursing contact hours awarded for this presentation.



Andy Langberg is the founder and developer of Reactivation, LLC. For the last 15 years, he has reactivated numerous professional sports teams including NY Giants football, Brooklyn Nets basketball, NJ Devils hockey, The Czech Republic tennis players and NY Yankee baseball as well as numerous other professional, Olympic, college and high school athletes. Andy’s clients range from high performance to the very ill, babies to seniors and homemakers to office workers. He opened the Reactivation Institute in 2006 and is teaching his healing methods to select students from all over the world.