Nutritionist and Founder PROJECT PHYSIQUE

WEforum Health and Wellness Conference 2016

CASEY MCELLIGOTT – Nutritionist and Founder

Project Physique

It’s Not You. It’s Your Hormones! Finding Optimal Hormonal Ranges For Your Body

Wednesday, April 20th 10:00-10:45 AM – Sea Bright Room


Women today face a largely under-appreciated epidemic– hormonal imbalance. These complex chemical messengers are responsible for regulating your weight, mood, sex drive, and sanity. When they’re balanced, your hormones are the unsung heroes of your health. However, an imbalance can wreak havoc — and stat. The key is to realize that your personal hormonal harmony is directly correlated with your daily lifestyle choices: what you eat, the prescription drugs you take, the toxins to which you are exposed, and even the type of exercise you rock, can all have a major effect. It is entirely possible though, to get your hormones humming and restore your energy, vitality, and happiness, by taking measures to balance your hormones naturally.



MS Candidate in Nutrition, Graduate of the Keri Glassman Nutrition Institute (formerly of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition). Casey is currently working as the Co-Founder and Head Nutritionist of Project Physique, a holistic studio that combines fitness, inspiration and nutrition (new studio coming to Chatham, NJ early 2016). She worked for 15 years in London and NYC in the financial industry, which contributed additional stress and fatigue to the mother of young twin boys, trying to fit her “square body” into a “round, size two” hole. From over-exercising to under-eating and everything in between, Casey struggled with her body until it literally fought back in the form of autoimmune disease and infertility. Things changed for the better only when she realized (through a lot of trial and error!) that her body could be highly functional when she treated it holistically, by integrating wellness and nutrition alongside functional fitness. At that point, she and her body became a team. Casey’s journey has inspired her passion to help women of all ages realize that they do not have to fight, and can instead escape the vicious circle of self-destruction, in order to look, feel and love better.