Founder, Owner, Executive Nutritional Chef, The Healthy Palate


Health Supportive Chef, Eating Coach THE HEALTHY PALATE

WEforum Health and Wellness Conference 2016

JENNIFER ASFAR – Founder, Owner and Executive Nutritional Chef
The Healthy Palate

What’s All the Hype About Clean Eating: Food Trends, Quality of Food, Cooking Demo

Wednesday, April 20th 2:15-3:00 PM – Sea Bright Room


Would you like to learn how to eat clean? Join Jennifer Asfar from The Healthy Palate and learn some tips on how to eat healthy without depriving yourself of taste/flavor as she walks you through a quick and easy recipe that can be used in several dishes. Following will be a Q&A about clean eating.


  • The learner will be able to examine the speaker’s demonstration of “clean eating”
  • The learner will acquire tips on quick and easy methods of cooking/preparing healthy, flavorful dishes.



Jennifer Asfar is a Health Supportive Chef and Eating Coach. She is the owner of The Healthy Palate. Her passion is based upon cooking and teaching her clients how to eat clean food that is not processed, but is local and seasonal. Her cuisines vary from vegan to paleo type foods that are gluten free, dairy free and soy free. She works with a lot of clients that have food sensitivities that include, but are not limited to-lactose intolerance, Celiac and, diabetic/metabolic type conditions. What she enjoys most is guiding her clients that are looking to reset their bodies. This is accomplished through cleanses, doing privates consultations and working with people on their relationship with food. Jennifer offers prepared balanced meals that offer high nutrient dense food to either build up immunity or for weight loss.