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Graphic Designer and Social Media Content Creator, Creator Wholefoods, LUCKYRICE, Yommme

WEforum Health and Wellness Conference 2018

Christine Wong – Graphic Designer and Social Media Content Creator, Creator Wholefoods, LUCKYRICE, Yommme

Plastic Free Foodie


How to Get a Plastic Free Kitchen


Plastic is everywhere, especially in the food industry. The amount of plastics we purchase as a consumer is staggering, and it’s negatively impacting the planet.

>Globally, a million water bottles and a million plastic bags are used each minute
>Most plastics have an average “working life” of 15 minutes
>It takes 450 years for plastic to break down which means every piece of plastic ever made still exists in some form on the planet today.
>80% of ocean waste originates from land.
>More than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped in our oceans every year.

Often mistaken for food, plastic has been found blocking the breathing passages and stomachs of whales, dolphins, seals, sea birds, and turtles and impacting 70 other species. Microplastics have also found its way into the food we consume, in seafood, sea salt and water. Plastic also lines and these chemicals can leach into your milk, ice cream, tea, candy, and tomato sauce.

This lecture focuses on how to embrace sustainability in the kitchen each and every day. From shopping for ingredients (free from plastic packaging) to eating seasonally, discover the benefits for your health as well as the health of the planet. What’s old is new again, by going back to basics, or life before plastic, we can create our own convenience, without all the waste!


Plastic Free Foodie: How to Avoid Plastics When You Buy and Cook Your Food

Christine is a graphic designer and social media content creator for Whole Foods Market Northeast region and LUCKYRICE, and consults for number of health and wellness experts in NYC, London and Paris. She is also the founder of Yommme, the art of mindful eating. With health coach credentials, Christine celebrates healthy, plant-based eating by embracing the bounty of local produce and eating the rainbow that goes beyond salads and smoothies. Christine has a debut cookbook “The Plantiful Plate: Vegan Vinyasas from the Yommme Kitchen” (Countryman Press) coming out January 2019.

Her work can be found at,, Cooking Light, Thoughtfully Magazine, GrowNYC, as well as on the Instagram feeds of @foodnetwork @foodandwine, @food52, and @williamssonoma. As a representative of the Plastic Oceans Foundation, she is a strong advocate of refusing single-use plastic packaging in order to save the oceans.