Founder, Owner, Executive Nutritional Chef, The Healthy Palate


Founder, Owner and Executive Nutritional Chef THE HEALTHY PALATE

WEforum Health and Wellness Conference 2018

JENNIFER ASFAR – Founder, Owner and Executive Nutritional Chef
The Healthy Palate

Cooking Demo – Anti-Inflammatory Thanksgiving Day Sides

Wednesday, November 14 2:45-3:05 PM – LEARNING LECTURES (MAIN LOBBY / CENTER ATRIUM)

Chef Jen Asfar focuses on delivering nutritional anti-inflammatory meals to her clients.  Join her to learn how to cook tasty side dishes for your Thanksgiving day meal.  On the menu are Tumeric spiced carrot hummus sitting in a baby pumpkin, roasted Acorn Squash with roasted sweet potatoes, candied walnuts, and baby spinach with black raspberry vinaigrette, and a fruit compote.


The Healthy Palate is an all gluten and dairy free takeaway that offers anti-inflammatory cleanses & prepared meals.

Chef Jennifer Asfar has been a private chef for over 15 years and strives to understand her clients’ relationship with food as she prepares their meals. Each client is treated individually completing a likes/dislikes questionnaire so that she can design a food program accordingly. Many people who have auto-immune type conditions or want to eat clean come walking through the door at The Healthy Palate hoping to regain their health. Jen firmly believes that you are what you eat thus, she ensures that each and every ingredient that she serves is of the highest quality. Her satisfaction are her clients’ results from eating her food and overwhelms her with happiness. She also assists clients in creating food and eating plans for a variety of other health related conditions such as celiac, diabetes, cancer, bariatric, heart conditions, or weight loss. Many clients are amazed to discover that healthy food can actually taste great!