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JIVAMUKI Yoga Teacher, MINDFRESH Mediation Teacher Writer and Creator of Beautiful ‘Badass

WEforum Health and Wellness Conference 2018

Lisa Rachel Snyder – JIVAMUKI Yoga Teacher, MINDFRESH Mediation Teacher Writer and Creator of Beautiful ‘Badass


Ditch the Diet: 7 Steps to an Intuitive Eating Lifestyle

Wednesday, November 14 11:00-11:20 AM – LEARNING LECTURES (MAIN LOBBY / CENTER ATRIUM)

Eating well is incredibly joyful when we eat what our bodies crave. However, most of us aren’t listening to our bodies. Sometimes we eat out of stress, we eat out of convenience or boredom. Whatever the reason, emotional eating is prevalent in our culture.

Through mindfulness practices, we empower ourselves by listening to our bodies’ inner wisdom. As a result, we effortlessly make healthy food choices, eat consciously, release compulsive thoughts, and enjoy our lives.How we eat is just as important as WHAT we eat.

As children we knew how to eat intuitively. We knew how to listen to our bodies, eat the foods our bodies wanted, and stop eating when we were full. I struggled with food and negative body image for nearly 20 years, and I healed myself with mindfulness practices.

In this lecture, I’ll be discussing what a healthy relationship with food looks like and how to make changes in your life to cultivate that relationship. A worksheet will to given to participants to use on their own.


Lisa Rachel Snyder is a New York based Jivamukti Yoga teacher, MINDFRESH meditation teacher, writer, and the creator of Beautiful Badass: A 7 Step Method to a Healthy Relationship with Food, Your Body, and Yourself. Her mindfulness practices have profoundly transformed her health, both mentally and physically, thus she teaches to share what she loves. Originally from Palo Alto, CA and a graduate of Northwestern University, Lisa has traveled worldwide to study yoga and meditation with master teachers. She also loves astrology, excursions into the mountains, and Radiohead.