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WEforum Health and Wellness Conference 2018

Wendy Bright-Fallon and Debbie Peterson, Nourish Coaches – Integrative Health and Nutrition Counselors


Clean Out Your Pantry: Be Label Savvy

Wednesday, November 14 10:30-10:50 AM – LEARNING LECTURES (MAIN LOBBY / CENTER ATRIUM)

Most people do not bother looking beyond the front package advertising to decide whether something is good or not good to eat. This presentation will help you navigate the marketing propaganda and packaging. You will learn how to be discerning when reading labels and understand which complicated terms translate into food and nonfood and how that affects our short and long term health.


How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Wednesday, November 14 2:45-3:05 PM – LEARNING LECTURES (MAIN LOBBY / CENTER ATRIUM)

Stress about money is a real thing.  And when we are looking to be more physically and mentally resilient, it can be confusing where to budget your money.  Statistics show that we are spending less today on food as a percentage of income than we used to. At the same time, doctor visits are on the rise, so are prescription drugs and total health care cost. Dare we also mention dark moods, dwindling energy and compromised immunity?

We believe investing in your health today is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family.  During this talk, we will share what we’ve learned:  to eat and live healthy without breaking the bank, minimize trips to the doctor and have a better quality of life.


Nourish Coaches Wendy Bright-Fallon and Debbie Peterson are integrative nutrition counselors with the message that real food made simple can be delicious. Their mission is to help people choose more nutrient dense foods that provide more than just fuel for the body; providing information to help our metabolism, our hormones, our brain, and to feed a healthy gut microbiome.

Debbie and Wendy first met in 2007 at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) where they received their health and nutrition certifications. They counsel individuals, families and athletes in their quest for looking, feeling and performing at their best. In addition to their private practice, they run workshops, do regular speaking engagements, produce a bi-weekly podcast, Nourish Noshes, and provide online nutrition programs. Wendy and Debbie are passionate about helping people shift to eating closer to nature and helping the world be a healthier place. They believe that one of the tools to leading a healing lifestyle includes playing with real whole food. This inspired them to collaborate on writing Nourish – a community created cookbook with over 140 simple and healthful recipes with pictures included to whet your appetite, and Taste: Recipes for Radiant Health, a sampler of real, whole-food recipes.