Over the past decade, Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide, the grassroots initiative started by two fathers, has blossomed into an impactful and dedicated organization that supports prevention networks across our communities. Their aim is to equip communities with the knowledge to recognize the warning signs of suicide in order to intervene quickly and effectively.
Founder and owner Christian Valeriani of EvenFlow Yoga in Fair Haven shares with us his new project focused on men’s health optimization, Wisemen Project. WEforum is proud to recognize EvenFlow as a partner and featured studio in our annual Fit Crawl, taking place on February 24th.
In a world that races at breakneck speed, where being perpetually busy is worn as a badge of honor, there lies a hidden superpower often overlooked: the power of rest. This isn't mere idleness; it's ancient wisdom, a crucial ingredient for a well-rounded, enjoyable, healthy life. In Ireland, where my wife and I are from, we say, “A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.” Discover the power of rest and how to embrace it through different modalities and therapies designed to melt away stress and restore and replenish your calm and joy. Read more about discovering rest at Breathing Rooms, one of our highlighted WEforum Fit Crawl 2024 studios.
The first time I consciously recognized the power of mindset was the summer of 1981. How did I show up to each challenge with the mindset that would ensure my success? Becoming a Mindset Master is a journey. Embark on this journey and learn how to harness the power of your mindset.
In Part II of our series on "Unlocking Optimal Health," Linda Edwards, RN, MSN, delves deeper into the essential components of wellness, focusing on the critical relationship between sleep, light, and circadian rhythm. Discover practical tips to enhance your sleep quality and overall health as Linda provides actionable advice for a wellness reset. Join us in this enlightening journey toward a healthier, more vibrant life.
Life is a continuous journey of change and growth, and like a book, we bid farewell to old ideas with every new chapter. Only when we do the work to see the world from our current perspective, instead of through the lens of our historical traumas, do we actually behave and think differently in the present. Embrace transformation through these helpful ideas and simple skills to foster internal resources which will ease transition and help with inner fortitude.
Awareness is energy. Breathing is energy. Motion is energy. Sound is energy. Our four senses are energy; smell, sight, touch, and hearing. Love is energy. Light is energy. Pain is energy. The spirit (soul, or essence of the body) is energy. Our bodies have multiple layers of energy known as the Energetic Matrix. Learn how to palpate and activate this energy to achieve a greater state of overall wellness.
I listened to a podcast by Ed Mylett the other day, and, wow… he certainly inspires me to be a better version of myself! Every day I am striving to be a better person, a better version of myself. I was thinking about how that might look from the outside and where I could find a little direction in how to accomplish that.
I am always searching for ways to help both my clients and myself get back into our bodies, be more focused and organized, find more joy, say more “no’s”, have more patience, and feel more connected and safer in this world which we now live. I am hoping you find this article relevant and helpful. Read on for skills to help regulate your nervous system to expand your Window of Tolerance and return to calm.