Surviving breast cancer is a courageous journey that often involves rigorous treatments, emotional challenges, and significant lifestyle adjustments. As survivors emerge from the intensity of medical interventions, it becomes crucial to shift focus towards holistic well-being. Often during treatment, emotions are pushed aside to focus solely on getting through it. Now, post-treatment, those emotions come boiling to the surface.
One of the first questions my doctor asked me was “What kind of hairspray did you use in the 80s? My initial thought was – is this guy serious? I have been dealing with a cancer diagnosis, I just had a double mastectomy and he’s asking me about hairspray from over 30 years ago!? The point he went on to make was that all the chemicals I was exposed to over my lifetime had been building up in my body and ultimately reached a tipping point and I got breast cancer.
Most of us have experienced knowing something before it has happened. Maybe we have had awareness rise through the heart that someone was going to have a baby, or get married. Then there is the awareness that gives rise at the nape of your neck, the space between the skull and the spine. This is the space where certain intuition comes into the body. A “knowing” of certainty of importance. Read on to learn more about this sixth sense, this gift of energy.
What is the Good Stuff? It’s something to look forward to. It’s a memory that lights you up and makes you smile. Something to bring some spark to the drudgery of daily routine. Here, Jennifer Baker shares a meditation practice, a skill to help bring in the ‘Good Stuff' and change the state of our nervous system.