For parents trying to raise happy, functioning children in today’s modern world, there doesn’t seem to be a strong enough barricade to effectively regulate what enters our homes from the outside world and hijacks our children’s minds (often without our knowledge or permission). Cultivating the art of mindfulness through eating was a sentiment that inspired a chef-psychologist husband-wife team to write a book that’s part cookbook and part life primer putting the family kitchen front and center again.
GIVING FEELS SO GOOD. Ever wonder why? As a student of Kabbalah I’ve come to understand that this feeling is really an awakening, a revealment of something we call Light. That Light exists within each and every one of us. When we give, or as Kabbalaists refer more to the word share, we activate our soul’s purpose - to be more in alignment with the Light. Allow me to share more.
Many of you have probably noticed that practicing gratitude has become trendy. While gratitude can emerge spontaneously, we are seeing a recent push to cultivate or deliberately practice gratitude. We hear people say, “Count your blessings,” and we are seeing more and more people use affirmations and have gratitude journals. But does it work? And in what ways can it help? Let’s break this down!