Although the calendar would deny it, fall seems like the beginning of a new year. There’s so much new stuff happening for us, especially Back to School. Autumn is like the start of a new year for wildlife too, with migrations beginning for birds and marine creatures, daylight shrinking, and trees changing colors in the cooler weather. We know what fall means for people – but let’s dig in here to see what autumn means in nature.
Life is a continuous journey of change and growth, and like a book, we bid farewell to old ideas with every new chapter. Only when we do the work to see the world from our current perspective, instead of through the lens of our historical traumas, do we actually behave and think differently in the present. Embrace transformation through these helpful ideas and simple skills to foster internal resources which will ease transition and help with inner fortitude.
In almost every parent consultation session in our practice, a caregiver brings up a situation that they worry will “make their child anxious/upset/worried/depressed.” As parents and caregivers, and more generally as human beings, we want to shield those we care about from pain. In this article, learn why you should not attempt to shield your child from anxiety and pain and how it can help them, and you, face future obstacles.
Awareness is energy. Breathing is energy. Motion is energy. Sound is energy. Our four senses are energy; smell, sight, touch, and hearing. Love is energy. Light is energy. Pain is energy. The spirit (soul, or essence of the body) is energy. Our bodies have multiple layers of energy known as the Energetic Matrix. Learn how to palpate and activate this energy to achieve a greater state of overall wellness.