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WEforum Partners with Rumson

Rumson Schools Promote Health and Wellness for Teachers

Professional development has a new spin for Rumson Schools. As part of its yearly goals,which include accelerated math instruction and student wellness, the district has committed to support the staff’s physical, mental, emotional and occupational well-being. To support the district in pursuit of its goals, WEforum recently launched a nine-part health and wellness lecture series specifically curated to inspire and cultivate a work environment supportive of healthy behaviors.

Each month, staff from Forrestdale Middle School and Deane Porter Elementary will spend an hour of their professional development time learning about the most current topics in health and wellness from the leading authorities in their field.

WEforum’s national network of expert practitioners are diverse in both background and topic, offering learning opportunities in topics such as diet and nutrition, reversing inflammation by reducing inflammation, movement, habit formation,sustainability, affects of technology and social media on mental well-being, role of DNA in health outcomes, and impact of personal outlook on health outcomes. Through these learning opportunities, it is both WEforum’s and the district’s intent to strengthen the health of the school community and beyond by empowering the staff to take charge of their health choices and to inspire a wellness mindset among the1,000+ students whose lives they touch daily.



Feel Better, Function Better, Live Longer!

Steps to Achieve Optimal Health: During this dynamic, informative keynote presentation, Dr. Proodian discusses the essential components needed to achieve optimal health. Using his “Triad of Health,” which addresses your physical, nutritional, and psychological needs, he offers science-based recommendations, outlining simple steps you can take immediately not only to optimize your health but also to avoid—and even reverse—such chronic diseases as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Dr. Proodian clears up confusion about today’s health issues, breaking down all of the environmental and genetic influences on your health, and answers all of your questions on such topics as stress management, fatigue, fitness, and nutrition.



Healing Bodies & Changing Lives Through Mindful Movement and Habit Change

Dr. Pam Wilson, has dedicated her 30 year career to helping people reclaim their health through her Neuro Catalytic Program. Dr. Pam will discuss them is perceptions of movement and exercise, what happens in the body before the pain begins and how to stabilize the body to prevent injury and pain. Through mindful movement and choosing the right exercises for your body, you have the power to create a healthy life. Dr. Wilson will also discuss show subconscious programmed behavior can be changed to develop new and healthier habits.



Farm to Hospital: How the Way We Farm Makes Us Sick

A vegan-friendly, plant-based doctor in New Jersey, Dr. Weiss prescribes the Ethos Diet–an all-organic, ecologically-sustainable, and Whole Foods Plant Based (WFPB) diet–as the corner stone of his work with patients. Not only has a growing body of research indicated that a whole-foods, plant-based diet helps patients dramatically heal from chronic illness, but over the years, Dr. Weiss has found the Ethos Diet to have an exceptional success rate in reversing most chronic diseases.



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