Embodying Your Spirit (Seventh Chakra)

May 2023

By Lisa Palmer Greenspan, Blackbird Fly, Certified Spiritual Life Coach


Many people feel like something is missing but don’t know why. We are all made up of mind, body and spirit, but most of us are unaware of the spirit part of our nature, which is typically responsible for this feeling of being disconnected. Little has been taught about how to recognize and connect with our spirit. It is not about being a spiritual person. It is an aspect of who you are, whether you deem yourself spiritual or not.

Our spirit is our higher Self, the part of us that is One with Source Energy and aligned with Love. It’s the part of us that exists outside of the ego, the human aspect of ourselves based on separation and fear. We can’t deny our human nature. We will have moments of fear and it’s important to acknowledge, understand and feel those feelings. But when we learn to integrate our spirit, we empower ourselves to invite grace to take over and transform fear into Love. The more I learn about my spiritual nature, the more I know it’s the foundation of my overall sense of wellbeing. My spiritual nature allows me to see myself and others from a higher perspective- through the lens of Love. So how do we recognize, nurture, and connect with this important aspect of who we are, even if we don’t consider ourselves “spiritual”?

It’s a matter of getting out of your head and into your heart. It’s about self-awareness, recognizing when we’re in a state of fear to bring ourselves back to the present moment, where the spirit thrives, and Love lives. Meditation is one way to become aware of this part of yourself that is beyond your thoughts and connects you to your inner wisdom. It is through your seventh (crown) chakra, physically located at the top of your head, that you energetically connect fully with your higher self and your mystical nature.

When exploring your inner self, even if it feels chaotic, try to acknowledge and accept what you’re feeling without judgment. Then ask, while connected inward, for your divinity (mystical nature) to be revealed. Be patient. It may start with a sense of peace and connectedness. Still, over time, you will discover another incredible aspect of yourself you were unaware of, where the realm of miraculous possibilities and profound creativity exist. If you’re an artist, you know how it feels when you’re in the flow—space and time disappear. I’m kinesthetic, so I can physically feel the energy (grace) in my body when I’m aligned with Love. It’s a tingling sensation that I can feel at the top of my head and travels down throughout my body. When I’m connected to this aspect of myself, I feel a deep sense of expansiveness. Words flow out of me from a place of Love without thinking. For others, it may be a more visual experience.

By contrast, when we are in a state of fear and stuck in our thoughts, that creative flow and peaceful state come to a standstill. We buckle deeper into fear, which creates a feeling of distress. At this point, it’s impossible to create anything. When we feel overwhelmed with grief and fear, we feel completely disconnected from our spirit and Love.

Create a daily habit, even if only for five minutes. It takes time to cultivate and strengthen this aspect of ourselves, just as it takes time to get into shape when starting a routine at the gym. You can take this aspect of yourself and expand it as little or as much as you’d like. But it’s important to acknowledge and nurture your spirit, just as you would your body and mind. We are at a turning point now in human evolution. We’re being asked to live from higher states of consciousness, requiring us to embody our divine/spirit nature, living from a heart-centered place of Love instead of a head-centered place of fear, moving from “me” to “we.”



Lisa is an Energy Healing Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, Guide and Certified Spiritual Life Coach. She currently runs Energy Healing Circles helping women reclaim their divine feminine through meditation techniques. She conducts workshops, in person and virtually, teaching people about their energy body and how it can be fully integrated to significantly improve one’s life. She also has a private practice as an Energy Healing Practitioner. Lisa’s passion is to help people connect with their authentic, multi-sensory self. For more information visit her website at www.lisapalmergreenspan.com.
Photo credit: Chepko

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