Energy as Medicine: Welcome to a Three Part Series

September 2023

By Denise Hoagland, M.A., CHt, Healing Arts Therapist, Healing With Denise Hoagland


First the basics: Science is all about Energy

Awareness is energy. Breathing is energy. Motion is energy. Sound is energy. Our four senses are energy; smell, sight, touch, and hearing. Love is energy. Light is energy. Pain is energy. The spirit (soul, or essence of the body) is energy. Our bodies have multiple layers of energy known as the Energetic Matrix. The body’s energy system has two parts, which display themselves both visibly and invisibly. The first being physical energy and the latter being energetic energy.

Thousands of years ago Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), along with most traditional cultures around the world, held the perspective of understanding that the body was based on energy. Albert Einstein, a great revolutionary in the way of his scientific perception, claimed that every substance has a vibration and the electromagnetic field produced by a cell reflects its vibration frequency. Based on this theory he predicted that, “The medicine of the future will be frequency medicine.”

Based on the study of anthropology, it is a theory in most cultures that human beings have an “energy system” inside their body. Interestingly enough, sixth grade science confirms this through the periodic table of elements, that the human body is made up of energy. In simple reading of the table’s varied chart it is safe to say that our cells have memory and our bodies have frequencies (vibrations) of these elements. Our bones are made up of DNA (energetic memory). DNA has motion, that would also qualify as energy. It also has cellular identity, which is the clustering of cells that create a force of movement. Our bodies have inherited habits, patterns and diseases that are passed down for generations. The only way that can occur is through our DNA, right? So our DNA is a recorded memory that is energetic energy.

The nervous system is an organ system composed of a network of cells called neurons which coordinate actions and signals throughout the body. In fact the nervous system responds to emotions, both positive and negative, and this movement can be viewed through heart monitors and even lie detectors. The cardiovascular system is another organ system that displays vibrational movement through the vessels which carry nutrients and oxygen. The lymphatic, organ and muscular systems all contain DNA, matter and energy. The human body systems require consistent energetic movement to work properly. A sonogram for a fetus in the womb has the ability to show the movement of the organs and cells within the infant, confirming movement that has an invisible energy.

In the mind, our consciousness produces movement, through subconscious conditioning and behavioral patterns that require energy. The mind is a set of cognitive faculties including consciousness, imagination, perception, thinking, judgment, language and memory, which are housed in the brain ( including the central nervous system). The mind is usually defined as the faculty of an entity’s thoughts and consciousness. The mind is scientifically found in the third largest organ, the brain. Movement in the brain during thought and sleep can be seen in MRIs. Through bio-energetics we are now identifying the association between different areas of the brain that hold certain emotions. Some people are now tracing Rapid Eye Movements (REMS) during sleep and mediation. REMS is seen to be a state of consciousness that produces a euphoric mediation. Buddhist monks practice to achieve this state as an energetic awakening.

An Energetic Awakening is said to clear the mind, lift the spirit, increase immunity, create an overall wellness that enhances one’s life. When someone experiences Energetic Awakening they increase their cognition and emotional intelligence, which aids them in becoming more aware and productive. A runner’s high is a great example of how the energy system responds to repetitive movement. A runner’s impact to the energy field creates a systematic pulse in the etheric and in fact the entire auric field. This continuous motion actually conditions the energy system to run properly or at its highest and greatest potential.

The first energy field of the body, which lies about ¼ of an inch inside the physical layer of our skin and extends about an 1 ½ inches past our top layer of skin, , is called the etheric layer. This layer has been scientifically proven to contain matter, specifically plasma as it is bioplasmic and luminous. We know that plasma makes up 99% of the observable matter in the universe. When looking at cells, plasma polarizes negative and positive energy. Plasma has hydromagnetic waves that produce currents around and within the body.

FACT is that human bodies are energy.

We are made up of energy and the greatest part of this is that our energy is palpable. We can alter our energetic patterns to create wellness. Know your energy field and how to use it with the power of the mind and intentions, to create the environment you desire. You can accomplish this through exercise, meditation, dance, laughter, love, enjoyment, but also through specific healing modalities such as various types of Energy Medicine, Sound Healing, Vibrational Attunements, Breathwork, Journeywork, Soul Magnification, Bio-Energetics and much more.


Every week, I am asked the question: What is Energy Medicine?

It is not an easy question to answer and the reason is that the answer is too simple, basic science proves that our bodies carry energy. We have a hard time accepting that our energy is something palpable, but it is. We have the ability to create our own environment. In fact, the story of evolution is that our cells create a workable environment to manifest a physical body. We had to change our environment through our thoughts and desires, and apply motion.

Energy is in our basic daily language use. Each of us speaks about it daily. My energy is low, my energy is crazy (high), my energy is so balanced, I feel great. Knowing how to increase your energetic awareness and palpate your own energy field will help to heal the body, calm the mind and expand the soul (energy) to live fully in the body. Living with your energetic value present is optimal energetic wellness. Being energetically aware is the first step to enhancing your wellness and healing.


5-Minute Energy Palpation & Mantra:

Hold right hand at forehead (3rd eye). Hold your left hand at the nape of the neck (the space where the skull and spine meet). Applying pressure, take three breaths. Consider the space between the two hands at the center of the brain. It is the space that holds balance, between the left and the right hemispheres of the brain. It is also where the vagus nerve is, the pituitary and pineal glands are located. Try to sense the center. Soften the pressure in your hands.

Repeat the following mantra and fill in the last word(s) for yourself. Power of the Body, Power of the Mind, Power of Choice. I choose ___________. Ideas; Love, kindness, healing, health, sobriety, forgiveness, freedom, trust, calmness and peace. 3 More Breaths. You just activated your energy to produce an outcome that will benefit your overall wellness.


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A one-of-a-kind practice, Denise holds a firm belief in the soul & in the ability to magnify the energy field in and around the body. As an experienced Healing Arts Therapist in New Jersey, Denise integrates a range of therapies to carve a path towards a healing body, an open mind and a new perspective for individual wellness. Her practice has been a over 25 year development of working with over 3,000 for spiritual and emotional health concerns as well as chronic disease.

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