Insights from Reggie Flimlin

December 2020


Co-founder – juice basin, New Jersey’s original organic cold-press company

Reggie Flimlin, co-Founder of juice basin, Jersey’s original cold-press juice company and a WEforum Wellness Ambassador, shared with us some end-of-year insights reminding us that with extraordinary challenges come wisdom and resilience.

Biggest takeaway from 2020: “To continually reflect on how I spend time and expel energy to meet the requirements of my definition of a joyful, thoughtful life.”

The one superpower you drew on to get you through some of the tough times: “Breath. It carried me through the analyzing process and shifts in purpose, thus highlighting that which is necessary and that which is simply no longer useful when tethered to memory.”

What you are most thankful for right now: “Science right now. It has cushioned the unknown with reason and intelligence to create a normalcy model in daily activities among employees, clients, friends, and most importantly, family.”

What you look forward to in the near future: “I look forward to hugging folks in emotional pain.”