Lisa Becker

Women Who Inspire Us

Turning A Life Affected By Chronic Illness Into A Successful Business Empowering Others Living With Crohn’s Disease. Since the age of thirteen, Lisa Becker has lived with Crohn’s Disease. By her late twenties, the disease was making her so ill she was left with no choice but to undergo ileostomy surgery. This surgery removed her diseased colon resulting in an exterior pouch permanently attached to an opening in her abdominal wall. Post-op, Lisa was intent on resuming the active lifestyle she had as a wife and mother, but her ostomy bag posed some very real challenges, both practical and personal.

By nature, the bags are heavy and Lisa was concerned about the weight of it pulling at her skin and scar – taking its toll on her body and the bag itself. One of her biggest worries was figuring out how to conceal the bag while wearing feminine clothing without being self-conscious that someone might notice the “secret” that she was hiding. Quite simply, Lisa wanted to feel beautiful and dress the same as she always had before. For most of her life, Crohn’s Disease controlled Lisa. Now, it was time for her to finally take it back. In 2008, out of her garage – next to her daughter’s tricycle and play toys – Lisa launched Ostomysecrets®, a company that creates life changing products for both men and women.

The products that Lisa developed discretely holds an ostomy bag in place and supports it flat against their abdomen. “If I was able to help one person, other than myself, than this business was going to be a success.” Lisa quickly realized the very product she invented to regain her sense of normalcy was blossoming into a business that would eventually help people around the world. “I will never forget my first sale, talking to a woman younger than myself who was devastated after her surgery.  Not only was I helping her through our conversation, but it was also helping me through my journey of having an ostomy.  I realized I was not alone in my feelings and my desire to connect with others got stronger.

The best part, after this woman received her Ostomysecrets product she called me and was happily describing that it was exactly what she needed to feel like herself again.  She said getting this package was like getting the best Christmas present. That is the essence of what Ostomysecrets stands for – feeling confident and free. Post-surgery should be about focusing on a better lifestyle, free of worry and pain and full of fun and enjoying life.”