New Year, New You

January 2021

By Mike Shaw, Owner of 1205 Fitness, Inc.


Resolutions…we all make them. January, July, October…doesn’t make a difference. After taking stock of our previous year, we determine that there are certain areas in which we know we can do better. Heck, we deserve better…right? So, we make the resolution and head into the new year with the best of intentions. Never mind that, over the years, we have never once kept our resolutions. In fact, we usually let those very earnest intentions fade away before we ever really get started. The question is…why? Why do we continue to set ourselves up for disappointment? Why do we believe this year will be different? Maybe the real question should be…how? How can we make this year different? How can we empower ourselves to stick with it, to achieve our goals? How can we make this the year we keep those resolutions?

Let’s take an analytical approach. In my experience the best way to be successful is by modelling what has been successful in the past. For the past 27 years, I’ve been helping my clients reclaim their MOJO with superior fitness and nutrition programs. Historically, the clients who have achieved the greatest degree of success have all aimed for the following:

  • Reasonable Goal(s)
  • Solid Plan of Action
  • Kick Ass Incentives
  • Mentorship


So, make a plan to achieve that same degree of success…here’s your checklist:

  1. Set your goals… ✔
    • Month 1 – Burn Fat, Increase Energy, Regulate Blood Sugar
    • Month 2 – Increase Lean Muscle, Burn Fat, Enhance Libido
    • Month 3 – Balance Hormone Levels, Sculpt Lean Muscle, Optimum Body Composition
  2. Create a Plan of Action… ✔
    • Comprehensive Training Plan
    • Focus on Personal Nutrition
    • Whole Food Meal Plan
  3. Embrace you’re Incentives… ✔
    • Increased Energy & Confidence
    • Fat Loss & Muscle Gain
    • Improved Focus & Clarity
    • Super Charged Sex Drive & Performance
  4. Find a Mentor to… ✔
    • Provide Support & Accountability
    • Help Identify & Overcome Obstacles
    • Create & Navigate Approach


Remember, a dynamic warm-up is essential for increasing blood flow and muscle temperature, which helps decrease your risk of injury. Warming up makes your muscles more pliable and less susceptible to sprains and strains.


Warm-Up (15 seconds each)

  • High Knee March
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Side to Side Lunge
  • Lunge; Elbow across Knee
  • Sumo Squats
  • Crescent Stretch
  • Shoulder Rolls Forward/Backward


Perform each workout 1x per week for 4 weeks. On “Off” days, perform 45-60 minutes of medium intensity cardiovascular exercise. Take one full OFF DAY per week.



Workout #1

Circuit 1: Perform 3x

  • 30 seconds – Lunge Jumps-Fingers Touch Floor
  • 45 seconds – 3 Hop/1 Tuck Jump-Hop in Place 3x, Full Squat Jump Bringing Knees up to Hands.
  • 60 seconds – Alternating Arm Dumbbell Plank Row + Burpee-High Plank Position – Perform 1 Row with each hand, Perform Burpee and Repeat
  • 2 minutes – Mountain Climber + Kettlebell (or Dumbbell) Swings -10 Mountain Climbers; 10 Kettlebell Swings
  • 1 Minute Rest

Circuit 2: Perform 3x

  • 30 seconds – Jump Shots- Simulate a Basketball Jump Shot
  • 45 seconds – Bottom Burpee + Kick Through-High Plank Position; Jump both Legs In & Out, Swing Right Leg Under Body, then Left Leg.
  • 60 seconds – Single Arm Kettlebell Clean and Press; 8 Reps per Arm – Legs Shoulder Width; Hold Kettlebell or Dumbbell between Legs in ½ Squat Position, Rise Explosively and Return to Full Squat While Swinging Weight Up to Shoulder; Rise to Full Height While Pressing Weight Upward to Full Extension
  • 2 minutes – 10 Ski Slalom Hops / 5 Push-ups – Feet Together, Knees Slightly Bent; Hop Side to Side 10x, then Perform 5 Pushups.
  • 1 Minute Rest

Circuit 3: Perform 3x

  • 30 seconds – 90 Degree Low Squat Hops – Bottom Squat Position: Hop and Turn 90 Degrees
  • 45 seconds – Goblet Squat / Step Back Lunge – Hold Weight at Chest Level, Perform 1 Squat + 1 Reverse Lunge w Each Leg.
  • 60 seconds – 10 Speed Skaters + 5 Bent Over Rows – Slightly Bent at Waist; Slide Jump 10x, Then Perform 5 Bent Over Rows with Barbell or Dumbbells
  • 2 minutes – Low Plank to High Plank, Pushup, Straight Leg Deadlift – Plank on Forearms, Raise to Hands, Perform Pushup, Jump to Standing, Grab Dumbbells or Barbell and Rise to Full Height with Straight Legs, Lower and Repeat


Workout #2

Circuit 1: 45 seconds each. Repeat Circuit 2x

  • Squat + Goose Step in Place – Right Leg Kick to Left Hand, Repeat with Left Leg
  • Squat Curl + Plank Rows – Holding Dumbbells at Sides, Perform Bicep Curl While Squatting. At Bottom, Assume Hi Plank Position and Perform 1 Row with Each Hand. Repeat
  • Pop Squats – Hands Touch Floor, Hop Up Bring Feet Together & Return to Wide Stance While Squatting
  • Lunge Hop w Bicep Curl – Start in Lunge Position with Dumbbells Held at Sides. Jump and Reverse Lunge Position While Performing A Bicep Curl
  • Bunny Hop Burpees – Hop 3x in Bottom Squat Position. Then Perform Burpee. Repeat
  • Sprint in Place – Aggressively Run in Place
  • Static Sumo Squat w Oblique Crunches – Hold a Sumo Squat Position. Place Hands Behind Head. Performing Side Bend, Touch Right Elbow to Right Knee. Repeat on Left Side

Circuit 2: 45 seconds each. Repeat Circuit 2x

  • Jumping Jack + Goose Step – Alternate Jumping Jack with Right Leg Kick to Left Hand, Repeat with Left Leg
  • Triceps Dips – Face Up Plank Starting Position. Lower Body toward floor by Bending Elbows.
  • Lunge Jump Squat Jump – Lunge Starting Position. Jump into Reversed Position. Jump into Squat.
  • Bottom Burpee + Pike Walkout – Start in Hi Plank. Jump Feet in Toward Hands Creating Pike Position. Walk Hands Forward into Hi Plank.
  • Plie Squats
  • Superman Burpees (Full superman at bottom) – Lie on Belly with Arms and Legs Raised off the Floor. Arms Extended Forward. Hold for 2 seconds and Jump Up into Burpee.
  • Pushups
  • Mountain Climbers

Circuit 3: 45 seconds each. Repeat Circuit 2x

  • Crunches
  • Reverse Crunches
  • Plank Circles – In High Plank Position 1. Rotate Hips Clockwise 10x in a circular motion; 2. Repeat Counterclockwise 10x; 3. Rise into Pike 10x
  • Supine Mountain Climbers – Face Up Plank; Alternating Leg Kick


Workout #3

Circuit 1: 45 seconds each. Repeat Circuit 3x

  • Pushups w Hand Release – Perform Full Pushup. At Bottom, Lay on Belly and Lift Hands off Floor.
  • Squat/Goosestep/Burpee – Squat. Raise Right Leg Kick to Left Hand, Repeat with Left Leg, Perform a Burpee
  • Crab Toe Touch/V Up – Face Up Plank with Knees Bent. Kick Right Hand w Left Foot. Repeat with Left Hand. Drop onto Back with Arms and Legs Straight. Raise Up in a V and Touch Toes
  • In/Out Squat Jumps – Jump from Wide Legs to Narrow Legs
  • Lo/Hi Shoulder Tap Plank Squat – Start in Low Plank. Rise to High Plank. Tap shoulders w Opposite Hands, Repeat

Circuit 2: 45 seconds each. Repeat Circuit 3x

  • Starfish to Crab Toe Touches – Lying on Back w Hands & Legs Splayed, Rise Up and Touch Foot w Opposite Hand.
  • Seated Reverse Crunch – Lean Back on Hands. Draw Knees in Toward Chest and Kick Out
  • Side Plank Knee Tuck/Toe Touch – Lean on Left Forearm Facing the Wall. Kick Top Leg Forward (Perpendicular to Body) and Reach Top Arm to Touch Toe. Repeat on Right Side
  • Flutter Kick & V-Up – Lie Face Up. Arms & Legs Raised 2 Inches off Floor. Flutter Kick 8x then Perform 2 V Ups
  • Pike Toe Tap – Plank Position. Rocking Back into Pike Position, Touch Left Foot W Right Hand. Repeat on Opposite Side.
  • Bicycle 4 count / V Up – Perform 4 Bicycle Kicks then 2 V-Ups.



Since you are still in “Resolution Mode,” and no doubt amped up to start seeing and feeling results, you are probably wondering what to do after you complete your first four weeks of training. Here is a general prescription – switch up your style of workouts.

This second phase of training will focus on “Training Density” – the measure of volume, or how many reps you can perform with at a given weight within a given period of time (duration). The goal is to, over time, and using the same level of resistance, increase the number of reps you can perform within the same time frame. This type of training will increase your overall strength, endurance, and work capacity. The byproducts of such method; extreme calorie burn, lean muscle growth, body fat reduction, and increased energy. This assumes that you are also adhering to an intelligently designed (specific to your needs and goals) nutrition plan, which was set forth during your initial four-week training phase.

If this seems enticing but a bit overwhelming, shoot me an email and we will assess your plan and progress together. For more training tips, nutrition plans, personal training, and speaking engagements: contact Michael at

Be well and here’s to a better you in 2021!