Power of Giving: And You Shall Receive

December 2022

By Lori Lopez, Mentor


GIVING FEELS SO GOOD. Ever wonder why? As a student of Kabbalah I’ve come to understand that this feeling is really an awakening, a revealment of something we call Light. That Light exists within each and every one of us. When we give, or as Kabbalaists refer more to the word share, we activate our soul’s purpose – to be more in alignment with the Light. Allow me to share more.

The Light of the Creator is a constant and infinite force of energy that only desires to share. The light is the source of all goodness in our world; the source of love, happiness, certainty, creativity, peace, security. We don’t want to experience goodness and positivity only sometimes. We want to experience it all the time, don’t we?

Kabbalah, a 4,000 year old wisdom given to all of humanity from the time of Abraham, teaches us that in order to attract this force into our lives in a deeper, more long-term way, our work in this life is to become more like the Light. Because like attracts like. Kabbalists consciously look for opportunities to share. This constant force of sharing is embedded in our DNA – it resides in our soul. We use sharing as a tool, it’s a way in which we can turn the Light on in our own lives and in the lives of others. It’s that simple: share and you shall receive. Easy right? Or is it?

Kabbalists take sharing a step further. We pay attention to our agenda in sharing. We are proactive about our sharing. We want this experience of Light in our lives to be maximized. Ever get so excited to give your time or your money and then not be thanked for it? Wow, that can hurt. But when we know that the goodness, the Light we gain in our lives, is from the action itself and not the result, well we’ve just changed the game completely. We become the Creator of our lives. We become the cause and not the effect.

We have another force embedded in our DNA, it’s called our ego. It can make us feel like doing the exact opposite of sharing. We pay close attention to what our ego is and what it wants. Soul vs. ego is the battle. We train ourselves to restrict attachment to any results that may come from sharing: reciprocation, acknowledgement or recognition, respect, fame etc. Kabbalists are not satisfied with temporary energy. We seek more long term, deeply satisfying fulfillment. We emulate the Light by studying what its nature is. Kabbalists are very greedy when it comes to this. It’s good greed – enlightened greed.

My wish for all of you who are reading this article is that you are inspired to find new opportunities every day to consciously share and to experience the joy that comes from true sharing. Challenge yourselves to share unconditionally and outside of your comfort zone. Kabbalists love uncomfortable sharing because they know more Light is to be revealed that way. Choose to be an agent of change not only for yourself, but ultimately for the improvement of this world. Yes, YOU.

Kabbalists want to light up this world and believe the most effective way to do this is in the everyday moments when we pause – put the brakes on our ego’s desire – and instead choose to connect to the desire of our soul. Hard work? Absolutely. Worth it? Immeasurably. I have recognized in my own life that it’s not my actions that need to change per se, I am like all of you – good, sharing, and kind. It is the consciousness that is attached to those actions that needs refinement and examination. This new consciousness I work on every day has been built with patience and self-love. It is strengthened through practice, tools, wisdom, experience, mistakes and tremendous love and support from my community and teachers. Take every opportunity you can to share tremendously. Let go of the expectations or results. Activate your soul’s purpose and become more like the Light. See what magic happens. Greed sometimes really is good!



Lori Lopez has lived in Little Silver for over 18 years. A New York transplant, she absolutely loves living by the shore with her husband Bill and raising their two teenage kids. The miles put on her car commuting to the Kabbalah Center in NYC, hours of study, and time sharing this wisdom with others are more than she can count over the past 14 years as a student. She loves talking Kabbalah anytime because of how much it has influenced her life…. be careful if you bump into her at the supermarket!