Professional Orthopaedic Associates of Tinton Falls “Give Back” to Local School District

April 2019

By Karen Pyndus


Recently, WEforum had a stellar opportunity for a Tinton Falls-based orthopedic practice to team up with a local school system and give back to their shore community. In keeping with the spirit of movement, promoted by the upcoming New Jersey Marathon, Dr. Jason Cohen, a spinal surgeon at Professional Orthopaedic Associates of Tinton Falls generously donated $3,000 to the Long Branch School District in order to invest in pedometers for their students. The devices will be used to help students track their daily progress toward health and wellness goals, an integral part of the school’s curriculum. As Dr. Cohen states, “The benefits of exercise cannot be overstated. We are so pleased to provide these pedometers to give these children an opportunity to see measurable results. Our hope is that this will help them to form healthy habits with regards to their physical activity.” Dr. Cohen also lauds the benefits of supporting local programs. “Long Branch is a part of our shore community. We know many of the people involved with this project, therefore we are confident that the goals will be achieved and it is a worthwhile endeavor.”

Dr. Michael Salvatore, Superintendent of the Long Branch Public School system, expressed his appreciation for the donation, and commented on the benefits the pedometers will bring to the students. “In an effort to promote health and wellness in our children, the Long Branch Public Schools are collaborating with WEforum to provide digital tools to our elementary-aged students. The digital pedometers will help children track their fitness activity and personalize their pathway to healthy living. Tracking wellness has contributed to a reduction of stress and has a direct impact upon the user’s BMI, which is truly a life-skill. This coming spring the Long Branch coastline will be populated with runners from around the world during the New Jersey Marathon. It is our hope that this collaborative effort to get our children moving will encourage participation in the ‘kid’s marathon’ during the family activities portion of the event. Our children and families are grateful for the partnership and the opportunity to learn more about living a healthier life.”

While not all of us will be joining the wave of New Jersey marathon runners next week (or ever), the benefits of introducing a daily health and wellness routine to our youth cannot be ignored. “If today’s youth can learn that physical activity can be monitored and measured AND that they can see positive results just from walking, moving, and playing, they have a much greater chance of maintaining those habits throughout their lives,” notes Dr. Cohen. This year’s marathon will start at Monmouth Race Track in Oceanport, and end on the promenade in Long Branch; inspiring many local residents to start getting on track with their fitness goals. Now the students of Long Branch Public Schools will be able to join the wave, thanks to Dr. Cohen and his practice.

Dr. Cohen is a Board Certified Fellowship trained spinal surgeon and he directs the Professional Spine and Scoliosis team at Professional Orthopaedics Associates. He also serves as the Chairman of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Monmouth Medical Center.