Redefine the Holiday Season: Gifts That Nurture a Lifetime of Memories,

December 2019

The holidays have become crazy busy for most of us these days, but many of the stressors surrounding the season might have more to do with the feeling that consumer goods are being poured down our gullets as if we were force-fed geese.

The shopping frenzy actually seems to begin not after Thanksgiving, but with Back to School Week and continue on through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday (which has now turned into Cyber Week), Giving Tuesday, and Hanukkah/Christmas, only to sputter out on some athletic studio floor shortly after the New Year.

And yet, many of the holiday traditions we cherish most over the years have followed the same celebratory patterns for generations: spiritual or religious reflection, holiday decorating, the sharing of holiday foods, entertaining and socializing with friends and family within our communities. These are the traditions that really sustain us.

Many families are beginning to refocus on those rituals that are rich in meaning; and opt out of the wasteful and distracting gift giving that leaves us feeling empty. Fortunately, there are many online resources to help you select a gift or experience that has less of a negative impact on the earth and more of a positive impact on our communities and the people we love.


Great General Resource


Exploring the Natural World

  • Scavenger hunts-outdoor
  • Bird watching in a state or national park
  • Wilderness and survival nature programs for all ages
  • Stargazing


Experiences and Activities


Hobbies and Crafts and Self-Expression


Old-Fashioned Games

  • Juggling
  • Indoor board games like Twister, Operation and Battleship

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