The Art of Turning a Child’s Challenges into Success is easier than you think

April 3 + 4, 2023

In partnership with Monmouth Medical Center and RWJBarnabas Health, Tigger Stavola Foundation, Mental Health Association of Monmouth County, and Rumson School District, join us for a WEforum Community Conversation with Elaine Taylor-Klaus, MCC:

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WEforum Group, whose mission is to educate, evolve and empower, invites the community to a conversation with Elaine Taylor-Klaus, MCC, CPCC, the founder of, a virtual company providing resources to parents in more than 100 countries on six continents. She is also the author of several books including The Essential Guide to Raising Complex Kids With ADHD, Anxiety, and More.

Join Elaine as she guides you on taking the frustration out of daily life and managing daily challenges effectively, with confidence and good humor. She will give you tools to set appropriate expectations, communicate with less judgment and more connection, and empower your child to maximize their gifts. She will demonstrate how professional coaching techniques can enable you to give directions and offer advice without triggering defensive reactions.

“For the first 10 years of parenting, I was a bit of a worried mess, honestly,” Taylor-Klaus said. “When I was exposed to coaching, I began to realize that my kids could thrive if I played to their strengths instead of only worrying about their deficits.”

Whether children, teens, or young adults, many kids in these complex times struggle with some aspects of life, learning, behavior, or any combination of the three. Her motto is “Helping Parents Help Kids,” and her philosophy is providing parent-centered support while focusing on what kids need most. In Elaine’s experience, taking a coach-approach empowers all adults – parents, teachers, and professionals – to guide children to become independent and successful adults.

“Coaching is an evidence-based method for creating and managing change,” said Elaine. “It is all about helping people realize their full potential. With a coach approach, parents learn to shift their approach and communicate with less judgment and more acceptance. Their kids begin to see their parents as a member of their team and seek out guidance and support when they need help.”

Elaine writes for award-winning blogs and podcasts, is a nationally recognized speaker, and is co-creator of an award-winning behavior management program based on decades of personal and professional research and experience. According to Elaine, the one thing all parents could bring to practice, helping their kids the most, is to shift their mindset from fear and anxiety to hope and optimism.

Take Back Your Family

  • Do you want a more peaceful family life? Would you like your complex kids to be more flexible? Wouldn’t it be nice to get a lot more cooperation?
  • Become more confident in your parenting decisions and reduce your stress as you begin to shift your reactions, communicate better, and calm the chaos.
  • Help your complex kids improve their executive functioning and become more independent.

Learn HOW a coach-approach can help you manage your child’sbehavior, restoring calm and confidence – and getting results for you and your child.


WHEN: Monday, April 3, 2023
WHERE: Forrestdale Middle School Multi-Purpose Auditorium, 60 Forrest Avenue, Rumson
TIME: Registration 6:30 pm / Event 7:00 pm

CO-SPONSORED BY: WEforum; Rumson School District; SOURCE at Red Bank Regional High School; Tigger Stavola Foundation; Monmouth Medical Center (MMC); Mental Health Association of Monmouth County.


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