Why WEforum? One Man’s Journey “Rooted In Peace”

May 2018

By Tracy Turi – WEforum, Member

How healing from the inside out can change the world

We all need to replant our roots and join the global interconnected root system of life. – Greg Reitman

Greg Reitman is a producer, editor and videographer whose most recent documentary Rooted In Peace takes us on a nonlinear journey that begins with his simple, personal wish to do good by planting trees and eventually reveals to us the connection between environmental peace, world peace and inner peace.Greg’s journey is a healing parable that embarks like the story The Giving Tree with the little boy who loves the tree but grows up and eventually destroys the tree for his own benefit. But Greg’s story shifts gears midway and transforms into an environmental awakening, then switches again frantically to an individual health and wellness plan before circling back around to a spiritual metamorphosis of sorts. Through inquiry, self-reflection and self-reform he discovers that, metaphorically, he too is the tree and he becomes more aligned with the tree and spares the tree and is subsequently nurtured back to health by the tree.

Greg doesn’t chastise us for our own failings or bombard us with environmental or political catastrophe scenarios or leave us with a sense of despair. Rooted In Peace is a love story, and he encourages us to pick up the journey with him, to drill down and become part of the solution, because we cannot separate ourselves from the world. Global transformation is possible only through individual transformation.