Wise Up: Teen Advocacy Group

Youth Empowerment
Next generation of volunteers advocating for better health

Inspired by the WEforum mission, this group of female teenagers engage in the community by volunteering or by raising funds for organizations that meet WEforum’s requirements. Empowered to choose their own health topics, Wise Up’s goal is to educate their peers on how to take better care of themselves.


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WiseUp Teen Advocacy Group
Lily Thygeson, Wise Up Executive Team, President
Olivia Rodgers, Wise Up Executive Team, Vice President of Program Development
Sami Kelly, Wise Up Executive Team, Vice President of Community Outreach
Gabby Pia, Wise Up Executive Team, Vice President of Creative Design


Wise Up’s first initiative centered around nutrition and kicked off with the conference “Eat For Life: How the Power of Food Can Heal Your Body”. With their Nourish Coaches, Debbie and Wendy, they learned:

      • How to select healthy products and read labels.
      • Why it’s important to source your foods properly.
      • How to cook fast, simple, healthy recipes on a budget.

Wise Up also works closely with Step Up: Advocates Changing Tomorrow on a NO Plastics campaign. Together, the teens will educate their peers and younger students on protecting the environment and how that will have a direct effect on their health. Join the club that can make a difference.

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Start a Wise Up club at your school and together with other clubs, create health and wellness campaigns and events and pass on the knowledge to your peers. Contact info@WEforumGroup.org for more information.