COVID-19: Join WEforum in Making a Difference

Join WEforum in Making a Difference


Want to help those in the community who are being hit the hardest during these trying times? Now, more than ever, local charities and nonprofits are challenged to continue their services for those in need and rely tremendously on our generous donations. Please help us in supporting our community by donating to STEAMpark, an organization to benefit local at-risk children; Monmouth Medical Center Foundation Emergency Relief Fund, working with COVID-19 patients; and other local establishments who remain dedicated to providing support.


Donate to STEAMpark

WEforum is currently working to raise money for STEAMpark, an organization to benefit at-risk children living in Keansburg and Neptune. Any donation will make an impact in these children’s lives. Purchase a $20 survival kit that includes a healthy snack and all necessary supplies to help a child living in at-risk conditions to finish the school year. Read more information below about STEAMpark.

How You Can Help

Many families have been hit hard due to COVID-19. Thousands of parents have lost their jobs, and schools have extended closures, leaving students without the resources they need to keep busy and learning.  Children in underserved communities are particularly vulnerable right now. Countless students are without computers or internet connection, even if their schools are offering online instruction. Additionally, without school resources, they do not have access to basic supplies.

What Your Donation Will Fund

Survival Kits – We will be creating 450+ “survival kits” to help keep children busy and learning, with items such as pencils, erasers, crayons, paper, age-appropriate craft supplies and healthy snacks – things these children will not have otherwise. (Suggested donation is $20 for one survival kit. Please consider donating $20 per family member in your household).

Digital online devices – many families do not have one or if they have multiple children with one device, it becomes difficult to provide optimal instruction. All devices will be owned by STEAMpark and will be loaned or “checked out” during this time. These devices will also be used for their summer program. (Suggested donation is $250).



Monmouth Medical Center Logo

In partnership with Monmouth Medical Center/RWJ Barnabas Health, Long Branch, we are deeply grateful for all the frontline healthcare workers who are risking their health and the health of their families to care for our community residents during this pandemic. These times are unprecedented and challenging on many levels; whether it’s dealing with the loss of a loved one, caring for an elderly person or someone sick with COVID-19, homeschooling children, financial struggles, or navigating the do’s and don’ts of social distancing. All these coupled with the government regulations on school and business closures and stay-at-home policies, and the list seemingly goes on forever. Nonetheless, we must not forget the daily sacrifices our healthcare workers make to ensure the health of our community is top priority.

Please consider donating to the Monmouth Medical Center Foundation Emergency Relief Fund. This fund helped to create the command center at MMC and provides for resources our community needs in order to offer the best level of healthcare for COVID-19 patients. Click here for more information on how you can help the Monmouth Medical Center RJW Barnabas Health. We are grateful for your service to our community. Stay strong, we have your back. Donate here.



More Information about STEAMpark:

STEAMpark works hard to level the playing field for all children, filling gaps of care and achievement in under-served communities with curriculum-based after-school enrichment programs and summer camps, all steeped in the educational elements of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.

Using these elements as access points to guide critical thinking and student inquiry, STEAMpark, INC. partners with school districts, families and communities to provide students with individualized academic and social-emotional support, healthy food, role models and a safe place to go when school is out.

In addition, STEAMpark serves at-risk students academic and social-emotional summer support, with supervised care, exercise, reading, math, coding, nutrition, mentorship and inquiry-based learning.

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